The way to stop the haze

The way to stop the haze


The nosebleed is nasal hemorrhage, the blood comes out of the nose, and the bleeding of the nose is two types: bleeding in the front, and back bleeding.

The cause of nasal bleeding is that the blood vessels in the mucosa are superficial; easily damaged, and often the cause of damage is not known. In most cases of haemorrhage is not dangerous, and harmless, it stops itself.

Causes of epilepsy (topical)

  • Sores occur due to injuries and injuries.
  • Sores occur due to the presence of infections, such as rhinitis, the presence of nasal polyps in the person, or because of the sinuses.
  • Topical drug use (coccaine) causes bleeding in the nose, and drugs that reduce congestion as well.
  • Blood vessels may be bleeding due to the expansion of hereditary hemorrhagic capillaries.
  • Bleeding may be caused by postoperative processes (such as ear, nose and throat surgery), or (eye surgery).
  • Bleeding may occur due to benign and malignant tumors.

Common causes of epilepsy

  • High blood pressure.
  • The occurrence of atherosclerosis in the arteries.
  • Sores occur due to increased venous pressure, which results from mitral valve stenosis.
  • Dementia may occur due to environmental reasons such as moisture and high temperature.
  • Some medications cause bleeding, such as anticoagulants.
  • Pain relievers cause bleeding in the nose, and take medications to treat head pain; during anemia.

To prevent the occurrence of epilepsy

  • Avoid tampering and playing in the nose.
  • Lubricate the dry area of ​​the nose to prevent it from bleeding; by ointment.
  • Take care to drink plenty of fluids.
  • Work to maintain the humidity level at home to avoid bleeding in the nose.
  • Moisturizing the nose from the inside; by Vaseline.
  • Keep away from any effort to avoid nosebleeds after stopping for up to 12 hours.