How do I keep my mind

How do I keep my mind


The sight of one of the greatest blessings that Allaah has bestowed on the human being is very important and must be used to the satisfaction of Allaah. He says: “Say: He who created you and made you hearing, sight and hearts a little thank you.” So, Preserve and protect it for not losing it, we can not go on our lives if we closed our eyes a little, how God forbid if lost sight permanently. We must identify the composition of the eye and then move on to the search for how to maintain consideration and protect it from damage.


The eye is made up of millions of neurons that receive light and turn it into signs the brain understands. The brain re-converts them into images that are understandable, so the eye is very sensitive to all conditions. When we keep the eye, we keep the eye on it.

Ways to maintain consideration

  • Do not sit for long periods in front of the computer screens and use protective screens that protect the radiation from the screen, and away from the screen at least 50 cm.
  • Do some simple exercises to rest your eye and protect your eyes, such as looking at a distant place between periods when using a computer for long periods of time.
  • Stay away from exposure to direct sunlight or any harmful rays directly, but wear protective glasses.
  • Reading should be good enough not to be dimmed, because it affects the health of the eye directly, forcing the eye to increase the effort to obtain the exact image.
  • Stay away from wearing contact lenses for a long time, and check the validity of the solution.
  • Make sure to clean the eye area of ​​cosmetics because they are chemicals and may harm the eye.
  • Do not use drops or eye lotions without consulting your doctor.
  • Focus on eating healthy food rich in vitamins essential to look like vitamin A in fresh vegetables and fruits such as carrots and spinach.
  • Keeping the eye clean and not touching it with a hand that is dirty and full of germs, it will lead to disease and thus affect the eyesight.
  • Stay away from sleep and eye strain and try to take enough sleep at least eight hours a day and night.
  • Stay away from exposure to contaminants in the atmosphere such as dust and smoke of cars and factories, because it harms the eye and causes diseases to them.
  • Check with your eye doctor if there is any problem and do not delay, and keep regular eye examination and consideration.