Benefits of jazz for hair

Benefits of jazz for hair

Benefits of jazz for hair

Jazz is known as a flammable chemical, widely used as a fuel that releases large amounts of heat energy, which is often used to provide heating and lighting due to the powerful flame it produces when burning. Although it is a harmful chemical to the human body, But it managed to occupy the first rank in terms of the various benefits it offers to poetry, where our ancestors discovered the benefit of jazz in the treatment of various hair problems since a long time, where women continued to use their hair and felt us With the aim of strengthening it, increasing its softness and intensity, and preventing its bombing and falling.

Conditions of using jazz on hair

Despite the strong smell of jazz, it is a key ingredient in a number of recipes and methods of hair care, where hair care experts advise using the recipes of jazz by young girls and women, while abstaining from use with young girls because of the strong smell emitted from it, which may cause Severe sensitivity to some of them, as well as sitting in a well ventilated place when applying one of the recipes of jazz on hair.

The Jazz recipe for thick and soft hair

This recipe helps to soften and increase the density of hair, preferably before applying to the hair rinse and wash hair to clean it of oils and impurities suspended in hair, which may prevent the absorption of hair pores for jazz and other ingredients of the recipe, which is as follows:


  • Specific amount of transparent jazz of excellent qualities, enough to cover all hair qualities.
  • Oil bath according to the usual type used on hair.
  • A kind of natural oil useful for hair, such as castor oil.

How to use

  • Pour the jas in a suitable sized container, add a small amount of both the oil bath and the castor oil, and move the three components together to blend.
  • Jazz mixture is washed on the washed hair after it is laid off and is still moist, to prevent the strong influence of the constituents of the jazz on the dry hair, which may cause the destruction.
  • Leave the mixture on the hair for a maximum of two hours, then clean the hair with water and shampoo well until the disappearance of the effects of jazz.
  • The oil bath is only returned to the hair for a maximum of half an hour. The objective is to get rid of the strong smell of jazz emitted from the hair.
  • Clean the hair again with lukewarm water, then clean it again with cold water.