Snow damage

Snow damage

Snow damage

Ice is a solid state of water, as water freezes and becomes solid at zero and low temperatures. In the summer, many ice molds are kept for moisturizing and to reduce body temperature. There are many benefits but at the same time there are many disadvantages, as snow falls on the surface of the globe in the winter and accumulates, causing frost that causes great damage to agricultural crops.

Snow damage to humans

Eating ice has several disadvantages:

  • Increases the likelihood of bleeding gums, and this bleeding to inflammation of the gums because of the arrival of bacteria to the depths of the jaw due to the wound.
  • It causes great damage to toothpastes and reduces the density of enamel coated with teeth. This results in weakness in the teeth, increased dental problems from caries, and breaks.
  • This causes pain in the jaw joint, resulting in difficulty opening the mouth.

Snow damage to agricultural crops

  • It destroys many crops, because it forms an insulating layer of plants from the surrounding environment, so the plants lose the ability to breathe, and thus suffocate these plants and die.
  • It stimulates the growth of weeds and weeds near agricultural crops, and these plants act to weaken plants and their death.
  • The melting of snow leads to the formation of floods that cause the destruction of vegetation.

Benefits of ice for the body

  • Humidity and comfort are also provided for people who exercise.
  • Increases the effectiveness of the heart’s function and keeps it healthy for as long as possible.
  • Relieves the symptoms of vomiting and nausea so it is recommended for individuals suffering from cancer to eat ice cubes, and ice cubes flavored, especially lemon juice to calm the stomach.
  • It improves and compensates for the iron deficiency in the body, so people with iron deficiency in their blood, and some pregnant women tend to eat ice.
  • Eliminates skin defects, helps shrink large pores that allow the deposition of large amounts of fat and dirt inside, and snow reduces the inflammation of young pills, and improves the strength of hair, and nails.
  • Helps get rid of excess weight as it reduces the level of bad cholesterol and raises the level of good cholesterol, so advised individuals who follow the diets of ice, and it increases the proportion of minerals and vitamins in the body.
  • Preserves the value of fruit benefits, so it is possible to put some pieces of snow in the ice molds, and eat pieces of snow containing ice pieces as desired.