How to break up kidney stones

How to break up kidney stones

How to break up kidney stones

When gravel is present in the kidneys, the infected person may not be able to know this until after some of the symptoms associated with the problem, which indicate that there is a kidney stone. Kidney disease is a common and common problem. The gravel is formed during the expulsion of toxins through the kidneys.

Symptoms of kidney stones

Kidney disease is called kidney disease silent, because the symptoms appear suddenly and without warning after the formation of the kidneys and symptoms of the following:

  • Sudden feeling of severe pain in the back, abdomen, thighs and one side of the gravel.
  • Pain associated with the presence of kidneys is similar to acute colic pain.
  • In some cases, the patient may feel nausea and vomiting.
  • Many kidney stone sufferers were asked about the severity of the pain, as many of them described it as having gone beyond the pain of labor and delivery.
  • Sometimes blood comes out when urinating.
  • Feeling sick of kidney stones with constant need to urinate.

The method of fragmentation of stones in the kidneys

The patient is treated with kidney stones by giving him sedatives and some medicines that help relieve pain in cases where the gravel is small, but when the size of a large doctor goes to the process of fragmentation of gravel through the waves of shock or sound and is outside the body without any work Or the introduction of tools within the body, where these waves break down and fragmentation of the gravel and turn them into sand and very small pieces, where they are discharged naturally through urination, and this process of fragmentation to the estimated (1000 – 2000) shock wave shock to break the gravel, This process takes less than an hour and approx The process through general anesthesia for the patient and without feeling any pain, and the patient can get out of Alosply the same day.

There are two methods of treatment by shock waves:

  • Method 1: Put the patient in a lukewarm water basin and then the process of breaking waves.