Surprising information about the olive tree

Surprising information about the olive tree

The olive tree is an important tree, famous, and has many benefits, and follow this tree to a plant species called (Olvioat), and the Latin scientific name of this species is: (Oleaceae), and this species is one of the factions of the class of oral, (700) species of trees, shrubs, and spread of the plant of this species in many parts of the earth, especially in temperate and warm areas. Other trees belonging to the olive branch include jasmine and cactus.

The olive tree has many species, and the number of these species is about 40 species. These species form a plant species belonging to the olive family. The Latin name for this species is Olea. The most common species are Olea europaea ). This type is called in English: “Olive”. This species is common in the Mediterranean, Southwest Asia, Europe and Africa.

The olive tree is a good and blessed tree. God has mentioned it in the Holy Quran in several places, . If Allaah swears by something, it indicates its bounty, its great importance, and his great status.

The olive tree is one of the most important types thatprotects contains olive oil. It contains many important nutrients, such as: energy, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, proteins, certain vitamins, minerals, and salts.

Olive wood is one of the finest types of wood, and this wood is used in some traditional industries and craft manufactured in some countries, such as Palestine; the manufacture of traditional crafts and olive art artifacts are among the oldest traditional industries in Palestine, This industry has been greatly weakened in Palestine today.

As for the olive leaves, they have many benefits and many uses. They are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Some of the materials used in the preparation of certain medicines, medicinal herbs, olive leaves contain very useful compounds, Treatment with olive leaf extract: high blood pressure, heart disease, arteries, and some food poisoning. The olive leaves are used in the manufacture of some cosmetic products, such as: shampoos, and others.