Dead Sea clay for acne

Dead Sea clay for acne

Dead Sea

The lowest point in the world is the Dead Sea, located on the border between Palestine and Jordan, which is very salty. The reason for this is due to the high temperature desert climate. The Dead Sea is an important area of ​​tourism because its water is different from other sea waters, Because it contains important religious and archaeological features, such as the tomb of the Prophet Lot, and more importantly, it contains many materials used to treat human diseases. This is why people are demanding that the Dead Sea be made one of the wonders of the Seven Lakes.

Dead Sea Clay

The existence of the Dead Sea is one of the rare natural phenomena in the world. It has a beautiful and sunny climate with dry air. As a result of this climate, climate treatment in the Dead Sea is an important means used in the treatment of diseases by swimming with seawater, And many doctors have advised people to go to the Dead Sea for treatment of the stomach. The warm atmosphere in the area is helping patients recover quickly.

Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea mud contains salts and many important elements of the human body. When placed on the skin it works to give it a soft touch and works to remove the stains and effects on it. To achieve this there are many ways to put this clay, one method of compresses which is used to treat skin diseases , And the joints, and there is the Pharaonic method, but their use depends on the type of skin, the third method is the method of mud baths.

Acne Treatment Dead Sea Duck

The problem of acne is a disease that occurs as a result of skin eruptions, so that the individual to get rid of this problem can use the Dead Sea mud to treat all the problems of the face, in several steps, namely: the individual must wash his face well with lukewarm water without the use of soap , And then to dry it, and put the mask of mud on the Dead Sea, and it is better to put the oil of the blessing over the mud because the mud works to dry the face, so his face will be more flexible, Naturally, because the effect of clay began to take its role. After an hour, he can wash his face with mud and put a generous cream on his face to protect him from dehydration and peeling.