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Method of measuring sugar

Diabetes Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases in the whole world. The disease causes many different problems for people with diabetes. Diabetes is a...


What are the signs of diabetes

diabetic Diabetes is a disease that spreads among people and affects people of all age groups. It is a disease that does not have a radical treatment that...


What is the treatment of sugar

Diabetes affects millions of people each year. It is a chronic disease that afflicts the patient throughout his life. Diabetes is referred to as a range of...


What are the types of diabetes?

Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that has been known since ancient history. It was known by the Greek physician Eretaus in 200 BC, where he noticed the most...


What is gestational diabetes

What is gestational diabetes Gestational diabetes is defined as one of the types of diabetes that affects women during pregnancy, so the body of the pregnant...


Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects humans due to an imbalance in the insulin hormone or due to lack of acceptance of the tissues, both lead to...