Hide skin imperfections by makeup

Hide skin imperfections

skin imperfections is exposed to many conditions throughout the day, causing the appearance of some blisters, or the presence of some defects, especially dark circles that appear due to lack of sleep, so many women resort to get pure skin and hide all defects by makeup, and we will talk in this article about the method of concealment all skin imperfections using makeup.

How to hide skin imperfections?

  • Apply foundation cream: Choose a suitable foundation for the quality and color of the skin, and before starting to moisturize the skin and then use the sponge combination; to put the foundation cream, you should first put the foundation cream on the back of the hand, can be combined two types of cream foundation together , Or add a little cream moisturizing and mixing them together, and distribute the cream on the face and neck evenly and put it from the inside outwards; to get a perfect look.
  • The concealer mode: It is very important to hide the black circles around the eyes, it unites the skin color, and is placed circul around the eye and combined with the foundation cream that was developed in advance.
  • Powder: The powder is placed in the base and the foundation cream, and placed on the face using a powder brush, and the distribution of powder on the face, and can be used powder, and put the powder using (peptide) on the face.
  • Blush or blush: Blush gives the face a luster and makes it more vibrant. Facial fatigue can be masked with a little blush on the cheekbone towards the ear; for a natural look.
  • The eyeliner is used to enlarge the small eyes, make them more beautiful, and use a small line on the upper eyelashes line, a line at the bottom of the eye, or a kohl pen can be used for a more natural look. There are many colorful liner pens that can be used for parties or Come out in the morning; to make the face more lively.
  • Mascara: Do not let go of many ladies, lashes beautifully and make them longer, and use mascara on the line of eyelashes upward, can be placed two layers of mascara; to get eyelashes more intensive, and it is important to choose good quality of Almascara; to avoid the loss of eyelashes.
  • Lipstick: Make the lips more beautiful and moisturizing, and there are many colors, you can choose the right color for the skin color or period of its position.

After using these steps we get pure skin free of defects, but it is important to remember that this makeup will go away; so you should always take care of skin, moisturizing, and cure problems in natural ways, it is important not to use too much makeup, remove make-up before going to sleep, Moisturizing cream for face.