How to apply the foundation cream?

Cream foundation

One of the most important things that every woman cares about in her life is the interest in her beauty and work on highlighting it, through the use of cosmetics and makeup, especially the foundation cream, it is one of the most important preparations used by women on her skin, so she must choose a foundation cream that is appropriate to the nature and color of her skin , and many women who have a problem when putting the foundation cream in the method of installation for long hours, so we will explain how to put the foundation cream and install on the skin.

Apply the foundation cream to give the skin freshness, and hide the defects that appear on the skin, and makes the skin color uniform and consistent, there are many women who are in error when placed, so used in large quantities and works to bleach the skin in an exaggerated manner, The original skin.

Every woman should choose the right foundation cream for her skin, so that it does not cause skin blemishes, or that the skin looks pale. Each skin has its own foundation cream. The oily skin differs from the foundation cream used for dry skin. You have to make the right choice.

Steps to apply the foundation cream

When applying the foundation cream, you must take several steps to be installed for a long time:

  • The woman must clean her skin well, and after the cleaning process you put a suitable moisturizer for her skin.
  • Know the woman with the foundation cream you will use, there are many types of foundation cream, including: liquid foundation cream, dry powder, cream, and sprayer.
  • When using the foundation cream during the day, you should put sunscreen under it to prevent the sun, to avoid burns that may affect the skin when exposed to direct sunlight, and to develop a cream to hide the defects that exist under the eyes.
  • Until the makeup is installed, women can use some types of creams that are placed under the base cream, such as cream, and this cream is suitable for all types of skin, so the woman put a moisturizing cream on the skin, and then put cream cream on it, and then put the foundation cream on the skin , This method works to install makeup for a long time.
  • The makeup can be installed by bringing tissue paper that is divided into several sections, and then gently pressing the face. We will notice that a small portion of the base cream is removed, but this is normal and you do this several times, so get rid of the oils and get the desired results in the survival Cream foundation for longer.