What are the benefits of kohl athmad?

What are the benefits of kohl athmad?

 kohl athmad

Al-Atmad is an authentic Arabian solution that is extracted from the stone of Al-Atmad. Its color is black and is reddish. It is found in the Arab countries, especially in Hejaz, Isfahan, Levant, and the Arab Maghreb and is considered one of the finest types of kohl. It was used for hundreds of years, and the most important components of lead metal, and can be obtained from the shops of perfume, so that it is ground in a small tube and ready to use or be a black stone we crush and fill it with clean cans and use it when we want to use a small stick to be corrected by the eye, The Prophet peace be upon him Ye him said: (It is better Okhalkm Alatmd It grows and Galloway sight hair).

Benefits kohl athmad

  • Treats eye allergies and saves them from conjunctivitis.
  • Sterilizes sores and wounds in all its forms from dirt and contamination, by dispersing an appropriate amount of eyelid solution.
  • It works on germination and intensification of hair and removes the scalp of baldness.
  • Helps to grow eyelashes and strengthen the bulbs, which increases the beauty of the eye and protect from sunlight and dust.
  • Strengthens the level of consideration and works to increase it and thus relieved of weakness quickly if mixed with a little musk, especially in the age of aging.
  • The eye gets rid of the bluff when mixed with pearls and sugar.
  • Kills germs and parasites.
  • Has a great role in protecting the eye from pollution and diseases that may be exposed to external environmental factors.
  • Treat wounds inside the eye and stop bleeding.
  • It treats the eye from external injuries and relieves its pain, so that it is put on it as a solution that eliminates the use of many drugs and drops that do not work.
  • Controls the amount of tears that come out of the eye and make it within its natural limits, which makes it easy to cure from the disease of plentiful tears easily.
  • Prevents the occurrence of cerebral palsy.
  • Made of leather ointments, and its role is effective in the treatment of schistosomiasis.
  • Treat wounds inside the eye and stop bleeding.
  • Maintains eye health and tightens nerves.
  • The eye is soaked and the delicate water honey helps to get rid of headaches.
  • Enter into the manufacture of various cosmetics and specialized eye, hair, and body.

Note: Studies have shown that the eyelid solution does not have any  side effects on the body or eye and its safe use 100%.