Benefits of eggs to treat burns

Benefits of eggs to treat burns


Incineration is defined as a type of injury to organisms, which results in muscle tissue or surface layers being damaged due to high heat, which may be caused by fire, electricity or incendiary chemicals, where burns vary in degree. Burns Superficial and deep, and to treat it is possible to use medical ointments or natural recipes, and in this article we will focus on the importance of eggs to treat this infection.

Benefits of eggs to treat burns

Egg is one of the most important foods that can preserve the health and safety of the skin, as it contains many natural substances that contribute to reducing pores in the face and thus prevent the emergence of young pills, and it delays the emergence of signs of aging, which include wrinkles And the thin lines around the eyes and mouth and forehead, and makes the skin more smooth and flexible, as for burns, eggs helps to:

  • Tighten the skin, accelerate healing of damaged tissues.
  • Cleanse burns, and prevent infections or infections.
  • Protection from scarring.
  • Whiten skin, make it healthier and soft.
Note: All these benefits made the eggs in the preparation of many creams and skin care creams, and it is noted that so that humans can benefit from eggs in the best possible way, it is recommended to add some natural materials to him, such as honey, natural oils, and yoghurt.

Methods of using eggs to heal burns


It is possible to obtain the oils that are found in eggs and used to treat skin burns by following the following steps:

  • Bring one or more eggs according to the intensity of the burn, separate the yolk from the white, and place each in a separate container.
  • Place the yolk in a pan on low-heat fire, and mix it without any additives.
  • Leave the eggs on fire until it burns, the oil comes out of it, then bring a piece of cotton, and drown it in oil, then apply to the place of burning.
  • Leave it for a few minutes and repeat the mixture to get the desired result.

Egg whites

  • Move the egg whites slightly using the fork to facilitate its application to the skin.
  • Place the whiteness on the burn place, leaving it until completely dry.
  • Remove the resulting cortex and repeat this step every hour until the pain disappears.
Note: If the mixture is repeated on a daily basis, the effects of burning will disappear within a maximum period of ten days.

Recipes for the treatment of burns

  • cold water: It is used by pouring it on the affected skin, provided it is not frozen.
  • the milk: It is used by placing it on the affected skin and is in moderate heat.
  • Honey: Contains many antioxidants, which speed up the healing process.