How to treat oil burns at home?

How to treat oil burns at home?

Oil burns

Burns are a type of injury that occurs in the muscle tissue or external skin of the human body, which is caused by: exposure to certain incendiary substances or chemicals, causing severe pain to the injured person, and burns of various degrees. First degree burns, second degree burns, , And each of these degrees method is different from the other in terms of treatment, and here we mention in general and natural recipes for the treatment of burns oil as a quick solution easy available to everyone.

Treatment of natural oil burns


Potatoes are natural substances that treat oil burns because they contain natural anti-irritant properties, which help to relieve pain significantly. They are used by cutting a potato into circular pieces, rubbing the infected areas for at least two minutes or Via the era of a grain of potatoes, applied to the affected areas, leaving it for a quarter of an hour until completely dry, then wash the area with warm water well, repeat this treatment once a day to get an effective result during a short period of time.

Aloe vera gel

Cut the leaves from the cactus plant into small pieces, apply the gel to the affected areas, rub it lightly for at least five minutes using the fingertips and leave it for a short period, and can also mix two teaspoons of aloe vera gel with 2 teaspoons ground turmeric powder to bond Mix it, then place it on the affected area, leave it for a quarter of an hour to dry, then wash it with lukewarm water and soap.

Coconut Oil

Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil in a small bowl with a few drops of lemon juice, and then mix the mixture on the burn area for at least two minutes, and leave for a quarter of an hour to dry and then wash with warm water, which is one of the most important natural remedies; Due to their natural antibacterial properties and bacteria.


Honey contains natural antibacterial properties accumulated in the body, in addition to disinfectants that treat many of the diseases that a person is exposed to, by dipping a quantity of natural honey into a piece of gauze or a clean piece of cotton, applied to the affected areas and left for a period Half an hour, this recipe is used four times a day.

Treatment of oil burns medically

  • Use of some types of medicines and creams available in pharmacies after consultation with the specialist.
  • Increase your doctor every now and then to check on the condition.