How to treat the effects of old wounds

How to treat the effects of old wounds

Effects of wounds

The person is exposed to some accidents in his life that have effects on his body, such as burns, and superficial wounds, which causes discomfort because it may affect the body shape, which makes him looking for ways to get rid of these effects, and can eliminate the effects of old wounds by the use of materials Natural and harmless, and we will mention in this article how to treat the effects of old wounds in natural ways.

How to treat the effects of old wounds


And then dip it in a hot cotton ball, and then put a clean piece of cotton over it.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains antioxidants, which increases the proportion of production of collagen in the skin, which deals with the effects of ancient wounds, where they spoon a tablespoon of coconut oil on the fire, and then the location of the incidence of circular movements until absorbed by the skin, and leave the oil without washing , And we repeat this method once a day.


Turmeric is one of the anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics that prevent the infection of various diseases, and has a role in the disposal of the effects of wounds, mix enough turmeric with a number of obesity, and then lightly injure the area of ​​the resulting mixture, and leave it for twenty minutes, and then wash it .

Neem leaves

Neem leaves contain anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and inflammatory ingredients, making them effective treatments for the effects of old wounds. We grind neem leaves, mix them with a little water until we get a cohesive paste, then place them on the site of infection. Warm before bedtime.


The tomatoes contain lycopene, which opens the skin color, resists the symptoms of aging, relieves the pain of the wounds. We paint a slice of tomato on the traces of the old wounds.


Honey renews the cells, gets rid of the dead cells, spoils the affected area with honey, leaves it for five minutes, then put a hot towel on the mixture, and after cool the area is cleared after fifteen minutes.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter provides the skin with a high degree of moisture, which prevents the effects of wounds, cocoa butter on the effects of the wounds, and leave it for fifteen minutes, and then let it dry.

Peel the potatoes

Potato peel helps reduce the effects of wounds by placing crusts on the site of the infection, leaving it for 5 minutes, and then washing the skin.