dizziness, causes, symptoms

dizziness, causes, symptoms

Dizziness is one of the symptoms that is common in many people and at different times of life. Dizziness is one of the symptoms by which many of the diseases that are caused by it are detected. When it occurs, it causes discomfort and inability to move in a balanced manner with the feeling of rotation. What surrounds us sometimes causes us to be immobile at all.

The three devices in the body work together to achieve full balance in the body. These three devices or systems are the balance device which is located in the middle ear and the visual device and the sensory and motor organs of the muscles and joints associated with it, rotor occurs when there is a defect in one of these devices When there is an imbalance in the balance device, for example, we feel that everything around us continues to rotate, even though we are standing in our places.

The dizziness may occur with no defect in any of these devices, as happens when the dizziness of the sea or dizziness from the transport that occurs with some people In such cases all images are moving quickly and the optical device transfer this rapid movement to the brain while the signals Coming from the muscular system and balance device is a function of the absence of any type of movement, causing the lack of coordination between these devices to the occurrence of dizziness.

The dizziness may also appear due to a lack of blood supply to the brain or a drop in pressure, which is observed, for example, when suddenly changing the position of the body from lying to stand very quickly and lack of blood access to the brain causing dizziness, In the arrival of blood to the brain fainting, which occurs after the feeling of dizziness in the habit and in the lack of a large amount of blood.

There are some other pathological causes that cause dizziness, such as hypoglycemia. For example, dizziness can occur in some mental states such as panic. In such cases, there is no imbalance in any of the balance organs, but it is a natural reaction Of the body in such cases, and it is possible that some drugs may cause dizziness as side effects.