Method for reducing heat

Method for reducing heat

Body temperature

Body temperature is one of the vital signs of public health. Any change in the natural degree may indicate a potentially dangerous disease. High temperature is a defensive method of the body against diseases. Itself, but is a symptom of other diseases.

It is worth mentioning that the normal temperature of the body is thirty-seven degrees Celsius, and this figure is not definitive for all people and ages, for example children are high temperature if they are higher than thirty-seven degrees and a half Celsius, and adults are considered to be high temperature if they exceed thirty-seven degrees Celsius Two-tenth-grade, the more dangerous the temperature the higher the more.

There are many reasons for the high temperature of the body, some of the causes unknown, and other important reasons: the body’s infection of inflammatory diseases such as influenza, ear infections, weak body resistance to diseases, inflammation of the internal intestines, urinary tract infections, cancer, and sudden fluctuations in the case of Weather, blood clots, unhealthy lifestyle, and other diseases.

Symptoms of high temperature

The body temperature is accompanied by a number of symptoms, the most important of which is the body’s temperature is more than natural, and excessive sweating, feeling of headaches and sporadic pain in the body, muscles, and the occurrence of shiver and chills in the body, and the weakness of the body in general, and drought, and lack of appetite to eat, Skin.

Ways to reduce heat

  • Cold water: Cold water is a common and well-known method of reducing body temperature. Pampers of gauze or cotton cloth wetted with cold water are placed on the main places where the temperature is high, such as the front, armpits, hands, thighs, feet, Neck, taking into account the switch of compresses every few minutes to become more cold.
  • Reihan is one of the most important herbs used to reduce body temperature. It is used in the manufacture of many types of antibiotics, in the cleansing and treatment of wounds. It also reduces fever and treats it very quickly by boiling twenty sheets of basil with a teaspoon of dried ginger in a glass of water , To evaporate half the amount of water, and then mix the honey, and drink over three days.
  • Apple vinegar is one of the natural remedies used since ancient times to reduce fever. The pH of the vinegar helps to absorb heat from the skin. This reduces the temperature. Apple vinegar is very rich in minerals, which compensates the minerals lost by the body due to the temperature increase. This is done by adding half a cup of natural apple cider vinegar to warm water and soaking the body for 10 minutes. After that, the improvement will be immediately followed by adding one third of a cup of vinegar to two thirds of cold water and putting compresses from the mixture on the body.
  • Garlic. It stimulates the body to perspire, which helps in lowering the temperature of the heat. It also resists inflammation. It treats the main cause of high temperature and acts as an antibacterial agent.
  • Ginger: expels heat from the body, acts as an antiviral and bactericidal, and fights infection, which lowers the temperature.
  • Mint: Helps cool the body from the inside, and expels the underlying heat, which reduces the temperature.
  • Turmeric: It is one of the finest treatments used for fever, it treats the cause that led to high temperature, by eliminating viruses, fungi, and bacteria.