Al Rashad Love Recipes

Al Rashad Love Recipes

Love of Rashad

It is called one of the most powerful and soft parsley. It is considered one of the plants belonging to the crusader family under the rank of the Cabbage and the seeds division, and its roots are in the countries of the Middle East. Al-Rashad contains dietary fiber, iron, vitamin A, sugar, proteins, carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin J, pantothenic acid, thiamine and riboflavin.

Benefits of love Rashad hair

  • Prevents hair loss, increases its intensity and strengthens it.
  • It fights balding, gives hair gloss and vitality.
  • Strengthens and activates hair follicles and nourishes them from the roots, and prevents the formation of white dandruff.

Al Rashad Love Recipes

Love of Rashad, Honey and Garlic

Place two tablespoons of white honey in an electric mixer bowl, and an appropriate amount of crushed ground, garlic, and mix well until we get a mixture like henna, and put the recipe on the hair and leave it for between an hour and an hour and a half, and then wash the hair well.

Oil of love Rashad

Add the oil of Al-Rashad to the hair, taking into consideration the massage of the scalp. Leave the oil for two hours, and then rinse the hair well. After washing and combing, apply a moisturizing cream to the hair.

Love Rashad to increase the intensity of light hair

Then pour the mixture in a pan and put it on the low heat for 10 minutes, then leave the recipe aside to cool, then pour the mixture in a glass bottle, and put the recipe on the hair and scalp With a massage, leave it for three hours. Before washing the hair, beat an egg and put it on the hair over the recipe and leave it for twenty minutes and then wash the hair well with soap and water.

Love of Rashad and olive oil

Then we put the recipe on the hair and leave it for several minutes, and then wash the hair well and this recipe is used to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate its work.

The benefits of the love of public welfare

Al-Rashad has many benefits, including: Aphrodisiac, insecticide, and a cream for the skin and gives it vitality, and the body’s cravings for poisoning, and activator for the ovaries of women, and a cure for anemia known as anemia, and maintain the health of the heart, and fighting tooth decay, calming nerves, The body has a tonic, lowers high blood pressure, is beneficial for hemorrhoids, and is a reducer of the level of harmful cholesterol in the body.

Benefits of the use of seeds Rashad