Benefits of bitter almond oil for hair

Benefits of bitter almond oil for hair

Almond oil

It is a natural ingredient used in the manufacture of many cosmetics because of the many benefits of skin and hair, and extracted Almond oil bitter almond tree, which is grown large and wide in West Asia and North Africa.

Iran is the original home of the almond tree, and oil is extracted by distillation by separating the almond from its outer shell before crushing. It is worth noting that the almond tree gives two types of oil, bitter almond oil, sweet almond oil, This is due to the properties of the most toxic almond oil if consumed in large doses.

Its toxic properties can be killed by exposing it to high temperatures, but it nevertheless contains many vitamins, minerals and compounds that make it have many different benefits.

Benefits of bitter almond oil

  • Eliminate fever because it contains alkaline compounds that help to prevent bacterial growth and thus reduce body temperature by using very small amounts.
  • Eliminate dark circles with extreme caution when used, and the safe amount is considered using only one drop with 30 ml of any other oil before use on the body.
  • Treatment for rabies since ancient times.
  • Combating cancerous tumors because they contain hydroxyanic acid, which inhibits the spread of cancer cells.
  • Relieves pain, and also helps to calm the nerves of the body, which works to relax the body through external use only.
  • Remove skin fungal infections for all skin types except sensitive ones.
  • Eliminate the spots that appear on the skin and works to unify the color, and also nourishes the skin and moisturizes and cleans it by getting rid of dead skin and impurities.

Benefits of bitter almond oil for hair

It can be used as a treatment for diseases and problems that may suffer from hair such as dandruff by containing antibacterial substances, and can be used by mixing a small amount of bitter almond oil with a liter of water, and then massage the hair mixture and then wash well.

It also helps to prolong the hair and eliminates the problem of hair loss and dryness that leads to its fall. It also gives a wonderful shine to the hair and softness, by heating the slightly bitter almond oil and mixing it with any oil that is useful for hair such as coconut oil or watercress oil , Then massage the scalp and hair and leave it for half an hour and then rinsed as usual.