Benefits of cloves for hair

Benefits of cloves for hair


It is used as a spice in many foods and is also used in coffee. It has a red color that becomes brown when it becomes dry.

Seeds of cloves

They are also called cloves and contain very large quantities of various nutrients, most important vitamins, in addition to a group of minerals, including potassium, iron and calcium, which made it very distinctive in the treatment of health and aesthetic diseases, and uses cloves to get rid of gases and nausea, Pregnancy protection is due to the presence of antioxidants within the seeds specifically, which contribute to preventing free cracks and oxidation of cells during pregnancy.

Clove oil

It is used in the treatment of many diseases and health problems that affect different areas of the body, most notably tooth pain, indigestion, asthma and cough and many other problems, and is a very nourishing oil for hair and contributes to the preservation, in addition to the use in the cleansing of wounds and address many of the problems My heart is like itching and scabies, and it has distinct benefits in treating acne and other skin allergies.

Benefits of cloves for hair

Clove oil contains a variety of essential nutrients needed by the hair to grow naturally from minerals and vitamins, and contribute to the prolongation of hair and its intensification and nutrition and re-shine and gloss to him, and gives hair follicles strong force contribute to prevent falling, and prevents baldness by putting a quantity of it On the scalp and massage well; to promote its growth by stimulating the different areas of the head whether it is placed on the hair directly or the front of the head or the back of the neck, and the oil rebuild the hair shaft well and contributes a very large role in the smoothness and give it a wonderful touch; Contain it To compounds similar to keratin complex important for hair, which in turn removes hair from the crust and prevents accumulation in the scalp, and uses cloves in hair straightening and strengthening, depending on the following steps:

  • Dry the carnation beads well and work to grind them until they become very smooth.
  • Mix the dried cloves with a little olive oil and leave for two to three weeks.
  • Work on filtered olive oil well.
  • Put the resulting mixture on the scalp to get long, thick and shiny hair.