The color of the pigment suitable for the skin of the wheat

The color of the pigment suitable for the skin of the wheat

Hair dye and skin color

The color of the skin plays an important role in determining the appropriate color in the choice of hair dye, as we know that women differ in the color of their skin, there are white skin, brown, tartan, or black and black, white skin suits all colors of pigments, and black and brown skin is the hardest not It is suitable for all colors, and the skin is a skin that accepts the colors of the pigments nearby and suitable for the color of the alkaline, but should avoid the golden blond and reddish black of this skin.

Dye suitable for the skin of the wheat

The skin-toned women are keen to choose the right colors to make a wonderful and elegant look for the hair, and from the selection of tips in choosing the right colors for the skin of the scarlet, we mention the following:

  • Brown color: This color is the ideal color and suitable for the skin of the brown, and the degrees of brownish color that tends to the color of cocoa or chocolate, and the different degrees choose the color Chestnut, and dark gold (Mahjuni), hair and choose the choice of copper and red, For example, if you choose brown, it is suitable for very light brown, and if your hair color is light and the same degree of color is selected, choose a color that is darker than two degrees. If you choose a color, choose a color that is darker.
  • Red color: Choose the color that tends to reddish brown, red copper, red and ivory, which gives a beautiful view of the hair, and some women resort to just dye the ends of the hair in red, it is also another taste in hair dye other colors unconventional.
  • Black color: Many women, especially skinny women, move away from black because they think it increases the dark color of the skin. The origin of the dye is lightening the skin color, but some women want dark color of the hair. It is recommended to choose the dark brown color that tends to black. Optimal for the color of the alkaline, and do not recommend the black color is clear as it or reddish black is absolutely not suitable for the color of skin ulcers.
  • The darkest blond color is the boldest color among the colors of the hair, and is preferred by women with white skin, but the color of the color they believe that the color of blond does not fit the degree of skin, and this belief is very wrong; it is advisable to choose the color of dark blond, and beware of light blond The pale and pale color of the skin, and there is no objection to the darkening of hair in dark gold if you want a distinctive view.