How to maintain your health through sports and food

How to maintain your health through sports and food

the health:

Health is a blessing from God Almighty, and it is the most precious thing that man has in his life, so it must be preserved and protected from any harm it may cause. A person who is in good health is the person who is able to do all the work properly, without feeling tired and tired when doing Thus, it is a secretariat in the human neck, and will be asked about the day of reckoning.
In order to be healthy and free from disease, the person must do all the necessary measures and means to preserve them, by following many healthy habits, such as eating healthy food, exercising, and avoiding the practice of unhealthy habits such as smoking, , Which lead to human exposure to many diseases, and the importance of this subject will show how to maintain health through sports and food.

to save it

In order for a person to maintain his health, he must take many steps that include sports and food:

  • Eat healthy meals that contain all the beneficial elements of the body, which lead to increased immunity to resist many diseases that may be infected.
  • The work of a daily system based on balancing the foods that are dealt with, and the daily activities and activities carried out by man.
  • Eat foods of different types, taking into account the lack of concentration, and the proliferation of a particular type of food, and must be diversity during the week and not limited to one day a week.
  • Continuing to practice walking on a daily basis because of its importance to human health.
  • Knowing how healthy to eat in the long term, because the diets of many people, stay for a certain period and then stop, leading to an increase in weight, so you must eat properly and sound, to avoid the person to resort to the work of diet Or a specific diet.
  • Moving the body continuously, the health body needs a certain period during the day to do a certain type of sport and continuous movement, which requires a period of half an hour to an hour, because of exercise in the importance of fat burning and disposal, and activation of the blood circulation, And vitality.
  • Getting the body to get out of the house permanently, and practicing many activities that lead to movement in the body.
  • Focus on breakfast on a daily basis, and must contain foods that have the necessary elements of the body, such as eating a kind of fruit and a cup of milk, and the organization of the main meals eaten by humans on a daily basis.
  • Keep away from foods that contain high levels of fat and sugars, which lead to the body’s exposure to many diseases.
  • Eat large amounts of vegetables and fruits, especially with high fiber content.