Steps to make rose water at home

Steps to make rose water at home

Rose water

Rose water has many benefits for skin and body. Rose water is made from natural roses. It can be made in the house to obtain natural water, which is not mixed with any other scented materials in an easy way. Therefore, we will mention in this article the easiest way to make rose water at home.

How to make rose water at home?

  • Twenty roses are prepared, preferably roses with a refreshing smell.
  • The rose leaves are placed in a deep bowl and grain it well.
  • Pour an appropriate amount of water over the rose papers.
  • Leave the roses in the water until the water becomes pale or pink, leaving the roses for a full day and putting it under the sun.
  • The rose water is filtered, and it is kept in a sealed bottle and is used.

Benefits of rose water

  • Increased skin smoothness: Rose water is introduced in the preparation of many skin care products, creams increase skin smoothness.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Rose water contains a lot of anti-inflammatory materials, can use rose water to get rid of the effects of burns and minor burns and alleviate the pain, and works to soothe the skin glowing and moisturize the dry skin.
  • Makeup Remover: You can mix rose water with a little oil of acorn or olive oil to remove make-up, and dust lingering on the skin with ease.
  • Lightening the skin color: Regular use of rose water helps to lighten the skin color, especially when mixing rose water with starch.
  • Smoothing hair: Rose water helps to smell the hair and increase the softness and perfumed body, you can add half a glass of rose water to shower water to get great results.
  • Get rid of sweat: Apply rose water to places of sweating to get rid of the annoying sweat smell.
  • Give tea a distinctive flavor: Add a tablespoon of rose water to the tea to add a refreshing and delicious flavor, can also add rose water for many of the dishes of sweets, as well as making a delicious rose jam and a rose drink.
  • Treatment of nervous tension, stress and peptic ulcer, also helps to relax, especially when taking a bath of warm water added to the rose water.
  • stretch the body with many vitamins; vitamin E, D, C, vitamin B3 and vitamin A, also contains many antioxidants and improve skin health.
  • Resistance to signs of aging, elimination of skin wrinkles and many skin diseases such as eczema.