How to get rid of constipation and gas

How to get rid of constipation and gas

Constipation and gases

Constipation and gas means that the digestive system has a problem. In constipation, the muscle of the catcher is unable to move the food to get rid of it and get it out of the body. The gases are due to the presence of excess air in the digestive system, and work to remove it from the mouth or anus.

Ways to get rid of constipation

  • Pure olive oil is more than just healthy and delicious fats. It stimulates the digestive system to move the food, so it saves you from constipation. Take a tablespoon of olive oil on your stomach. It works better on an empty stomach.
  • Lemon juice contains citric acid, which stimulates the digestive system, as well as rid the body of toxins, in the digestive system, squeeze lemon in a glass of warm water, and water not only to dilute the taste of lemon acid, but provides your body with fluids necessary to moisturize digested food, In the intestines easier.
  • Black honey is the sweetest solution for constipation. It is boiled sugar cane juice, it becomes crystals, in addition to its richness in vitamins, minerals and specifically magnesium, which works to get rid of constipation, take a tablespoon of black honey, and if you do not like it, melt it in a glass of Water, or tea.
  • Drinking coffee in the morning is not just a liturgy to improve your mood, or a breeze for your brain to remove sleepiness from your eyes. It is also a stimulant for the digestive system. Drinking two cups of coffee a day is usually useful, but beware of exaggeration. And thus reverse, by drying your body of fluid, which causes constipation.
  • Sport activates the body in general, especially the muscles, and the muscles responsible for moving the food in the intestine are smooth muscles, the sport to activate these muscles, and thus become more effective in moving food, be careful to exercise regularly, but do not have to exercise after a meal Great food, but only two hours, or before eating.
  • Eating healthy food helps a lot, and is the first unhealthy system of constipation. Be sure to eat a diet that includes all the nutrients your body needs. Especially fiber. There is a type of fiber that is not soluble in water. Its function is to absorb water in the intestines and work like a sponge. And thus the ease of movement in the intestines, fibers are present in vegetables and fruits, especially red cabbage, white, broccoli, apples, concentrated in their husks, as well as in whole grains, especially in wheat bran, pulses and especially beans.

Ways to get rid of gases

As for the gases, we recommend eating slowly, avoiding soft drinks and chewing gum. They are the main causes of bloating, and drinking herbs that help you get rid of these gases, such as anise, ginger, mint, thyme and cumin, will eliminate the gases in case The cause was not satisfactory; such as ulcers and intestinal parasites.