The best way to get rid of abdominal gases

The best way to get rid of abdominal gases

Abdominal gases

Many suffer from the problem of gas and flatulence, children and elderly, and suffer from newborns because of the entry into the air during breastfeeding, or because of the consumption of artificial milk causing it, and bulging is one of the problems of the digestive system scattered because of some foods that cause it, To the stomach during eating or for other reasons, causing discomfort and discomfort, apart from the prominent belly shape, which is sometimes inappropriate, what are the causes of this swelling and how can it be treated?

Causes of gas and flatulence

  • Enter the air during food and collect it in the stomach.
  • Hormonal changes that occur in women, especially during pregnancy, birth and before the menstrual cycle.
  • Colon infections and disorders that may occur to the digestive system.
  • Difficulty digesting food resulting from soft drinks.
  • Constipation causes swelling and gases.
  • Eat cereals and legumes that need a long time to digest.

Treatment of gout in adults

  • Exercising that leads to bowel movements, avoiding prolonged stretches such as walking.
  • Frequent drinking of fluids, especially water, which leads to the elimination of toxins and waste of the body faster, and avoid drinking soft drinks.
  • Eat herbs continuously, such as mint, anise and ginger, which help get rid of gases.
  • Minimize the intake of foods that cause bloating such as legumes and grains, and the proliferation of foods containing potassium and fiber such as vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Reduce smoking and chewing gum, as they lead to air entering the stomach significantly.
  • Take a cup of warm water in the morning on your lap.
  • Eat multiple servings of food with low amounts of food, and be careful to chew food well.

Treatment of gases in infants

  • In the case of breastfeeding, attention should be paid to the position of breastfeeding, so that the head is slightly elevated and not at the head level.
  • After each feeding, the mother should make sure that the baby is raised with a light movement on his back.
  • In the case of pruning, you should pay attention to the flow of milk from the nipple so that it is not fast. There are also some types of milk that are not suitable for some children and cause them to bloat.
  • If there is a blower in the child help him get rid of gases by sleeping on his back and massage his back gently.
  • Massage the baby’s belly slightly with clockwise movement, helping to get rid of the gas trapped in his abdomen.
  • Giving the child warm drinks calm and be laxative of the intestines, such as mint, this helps him to sleep, as well as to feel relieved and get rid of gases.
  • Check with your doctor if your child does not get swollen after trying the above.