Benefits of cumin oil

Benefits of cumin oil


Cumin is a herbaceous plant of the parietal group, with a hollow leg and a leg height of up to 50 centimeters. It has flossed leaves and yellow-colored flowers that combine to form a parachute shape. These flowers are transformed into the seeds of cumin that we see and use in our lives. Cumin produces oil called cumin oil, and can be extracted in that the cumin contains oil, and this oil contains the medical properties and benefits of the body and skin, and the most important benefits known and used frequently for it is that it removes the swelling of the abdomen, and relax the stomach.

Benefits of cumin oil

Cumin oil is used in the treatment of many diseases related to different organs in the body, the first kidneys oil Cumin works to break the stones in the kidneys, and treats colic, kidney pain that accompany sediment and inflammation.

As for the digestive system, it has an effective role in extracting the stomach from unwanted gases, which sometimes accompanied by severe pain and discomfort, and treats the puff resulting from the accumulation of gases in the stomach, and works to relieve the pain of colic intestinal, and is a good treatment for the problem of hemorrhoids, It also serves as a good appetizer.

As for the nervous system, cumin oil plays an important role in the treatment of head pain known as headaches of all degrees, and also in the treatment of the sister problem, which causes the owner of the pain is not possible in certain parts of the head.

Cumin oil can also be used through breast fat and chest massage to treat the problem of rheumatism in the chest. It is also a good treatment for colic that affects the babies by adding two points to the milk to relieve colic pain in infants. To the food to treat the problem of colic in different age groups, and mixing the oil of cumin with jojoba oil by one to ten result in excellent treatment for the swelling of the testes, the area is swollen and massage.

Cumin oil is also used in some beneficial mixtures in the treatment of some diseases, such as the treatment of ear secretion, as a treatment for the removal of heat from the anus, and is placed after the injection of enema, and is used as a treatment for burns through the fat Cumin oil, as well as used to treat tooth erosion.

Mixing a teaspoon of cumin oil, a teaspoon of anise oil, a teaspoon of thyme oil, and ten teaspoons of sealant oil, and a teaspoon of this mixture can also be used to treat respiratory problems such as asthma and cough. For the treatment of cough or asthma.