Benefits of Wheat Oil

Benefits of Wheat Oil

Wheat oil

Wheat oil is one of the most important oils for its great benefits to the body and its use for skin care, and nourishing the hair, which is extracted from the wheat germ. This oil contains a lot of vitamins and minerals useful, it is an important source of vitamin B 6 ), Folic acid from vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, and many other important substances is a very important and important element in your diet.

Health benefits of wheat oil

  • The benefits of wheat oil that it delays the symptoms of aging, in addition to containing antioxidants, it protects against various diseases such as cancer and weakness of the heart muscle and blood vessels, and contributes to delay signs of aging such as wrinkles skin and skin and maintain the softness of your skin and whiten the skin and protect against skin diseases and tissue.
  • Wheat oil protects against the deposition of cholesterol in the body, where the proportion of the presence of cholesterol significantly, and thus keeps the heart healthy and good, and increases the activity of blood circulation, which helps to maintain the health of the skin and the freshness of hair and its health.
  • Wheat oil gives the body energy and activity, as it is rich in a series of saturated raw alcohol called octacosanol, which is known to be useful for muscle strength and activation, so athletes to eat, to provide them with a quantity of energy and oxygen to be able to continue to exercise sport.
  • Wheat oil works to improve the functioning of the nervous system; it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which regulates and improves the performance of the nervous system, helping to improve mood and give energy and activity and reduce the rate of stress, fatigue and nervous tension.
  • Wheat oil protects against birth defects, so pregnant women prefer to take it continuously to avoid birth defects of their fetus. Wheat oil works as an aphrodisiac and reduces the incidence of abortion. It also works on the growth of red blood cells continuously.
  • Wheat oil helps to eliminate excess weight if used regularly, and can be introduced into the diet as it has a significant role and role in weight reduction.

Methods of using wheat oil

  • Used in baking cakes and pies.
  • Sprinkle on ice cream, soup, various salads, yogurt and pasta.
  • Avoid using it for frying purposes because it loses a lot of benefits and essential nutrients.
  • It is used as a treatment for dry skin, where it is applied to the skin twice daily, and advised to be used after bathing in the morning and also before sleep and can be added some essential oils as lavender oil to give it aromatic aroma.
  • It can also be used in creams and cosmetics containing wheat oil.
  • Wheat oil is available as capsules to be taken orally.