The benefits of castor oil for eyelashes

The benefits of castor oil for eyelashes

The benefits of castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil has been used as a natural laxative for more than 1000 years and has been proven to be a safe and effective natural laxative by the medical community. The use of castor oil for lashes is a well-known popular home remedy. The development of oil will help the eyelashes grow and nourish them.

Steps of applaying castor oil for eyelashes

Choose the right oil

Make sure you choose the right type of vitreous castor oil because castor oil is used for other purposes such as use for industry. Shopping in a health food store or online is the best option to find the right castor oil, check the label and the oil is cold pressed Its temperature rises above 49 degrees, because these are the pure and natural oil indicators of the product.

How to applay it?

It is important to know that castor oil is safe and nontoxic. If you are unhappy or satisfied with your fragile or short eyelashes or even if you do not have eyelashes, why not try castor oil? It’s really different from the other treatments I’ve tried and it’s not expensive. It’s a good treatment. You just need to use it at night while you sleep, so put the castor oil and go to bed, and make your lashes start to grow.


  • To try this method you need castor oil plus a clean mop stick and cotton sticks.
  • Before starting the proper way, wash the full face and the eye area, so when cleaning, place the clean mascara into the castor oil. Using the first stick from the inner corner of the eye, the eyelashes must be covered with castor oil. This should be applied to both eyes.
  • Remove any traces of castor oil under your eyes with cotton sticks, then simply go to sleep. When you wake up, clean your eyes of castor oil. Continue this process at night and I promise you to be happy with the result.

Castor oil and olive oil

Castor oil and olive oil You can put them on the lashes in the evening before going to bed, using a clean brush or if you do not have this brush you can rub the oil between your thumb and forefinger and place it on your eyelashes this way. In the morning, clean your lashes with oil, makeup, soap or water. , And make sure you remove it completely it attracts dirt and dust on your lashes, so hurt your eyes. You should make sure that there are no oil effects on your eyes. Wash your eyes with water several times to make sure there are no traces of oil.

Egg, castor oil and glycerin

By using a mixture of glycerin and egg whites and adding a very small amount of castor oil such as two drops it can help the growth and lengthening of the eyelashes. This method can be applied during sleep by using a clean mop brush or rubbing the mixture between the thumb and forefinger and then put a light layer on the lashes, go to bed and wash your eyes when you wake up.