How can I take care of my skin and I am pregnant?

How can I take care of my skin and I am pregnant?

Skin Care Methods for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a stage in which most women are married, and pregnancy is a stage that affects the woman’s skin in a large and clear way, so that the pregnant woman suffers from a large drought in her skin, but pregnancy is not restricted to the movement Women There are many natural ways that you can take care of your skin in a gentle way without causing any harm to your baby.

Natural mixtures made of flowers

  • Rose water made of roses: carries a lot of wonderful benefits for the skin, including: to provide smoothness of the skin, and maintain the freshness of the skin and contributes to the water of roses to relieve and rid the skin of dark spots, especially if washing the face or wiping with rose water using cotton in the morning and before sleep .
  • Sunflowers: You will prevent the appearance of blackheads and blackheads from appearing on your face if you use a crushed sun flower petals, and the sunflower flower is rich in nourishing oils and treatment for irritation and inflammation of the skin.
  • The hibiscus flower, containing hydroxyl acid, works to combat signs of aging. The hibiscus flower can be used as a kasak for skin after grinding and blending with milk and honey. It is left on the face to dry. The expert flower works to relieve the dark spots in the skin, .
  • A mixture of rosemary with milk and rose water works to filter the skin of pregnant women and rid them of the cost.

Healthy habits

  • Pregnant women are prone to dehydration more than normal, pregnant women should take care of their skin in particular and large, and use moisturizing creams and sunscreen.
  • Shower daily and lukewarm water, preferably using pure medical soap, and avoid soap that helps to dry.
  • Avoid using skin histories; they help to make dark spots.
  • Avoid wearing clothes made of nylon and synthetic fibers; they work to irritate and increase body sensitivity, preferably wearing cotton clothes.
  • Make sure to wash the face thoroughly with water after and before removing the make-up.
  • Use bran water to wash your face every morning to give it a refresher and moisture.
  • Do a quarter-hour, three-times-a-week, natural goggles.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids because water gives the skin vitality and freshness.
  • Use yogurt and lemon in the process of peeling and lightening the skin.
  • Use Shea Butter: To keep your skin taut, and its color is light, uniform and free of blackheads.