How do I keep my body pregnant?

How do I keep my body pregnant?


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful feelings that a woman can feel throughout her life, and the instinct of motherhood remains one of the finest, most beautiful and most wonderful instincts created by God, but what spoils some women is their joy and joy in their pregnancy is the question of how to maintain the body during pregnancy without having to perform Postpartum surgery to restore the body to its slim and harmonious position? As pregnancy leads to many changes in the body of the most important women: weight increase, and the emergence of the abdomen some birth, and cracks in several areas of the body parts such as: abdomen, thighs, and chest.

Weight gain during pregnancy depends on several factors, including: weight before pregnancy, and diet followed after pregnancy. Your pregnancy does not mean excessive eating without referring to several considerations related to the nutritional benefits, quantity and importance of the fetus. Of fat in parts of the body, and damage to the health of the fetus in some cases may reach pre-eclampsia, and in reference to several international doctors, they recommend the adoption of food systems intended for pregnant women.

Dietary guidelines for pregnant women

  • It is advisable to drink adequate amounts of water because of its usefulness in maintaining fluid balance in the body of the pregnant.
  • Stay away from fatty and unhealthy foods and drink alcohol and coffee.
  • Keep away from drinking medicines without referring to a specialist.
  • Reduce the amount of salt in the food, and lead to salt imbalance of fluids in the body.
  • Eat foods that contain calcium, iron, vitamins and proteins.

However, to keep your muscles tight, flexible, non-flammable, flabby, and idealistic during and after pregnancy, do not underestimate the importance of sports. You should exercise during pregnancy. It is advisable to practice several exercises for pregnant women. Some women believe in habits and beliefs. , It has been the practice of pregnant women to lie on her back for several days and do not make any sports effort and this leads to muscle relaxation and accumulation of fat and thus a definite increase in weight.

Sports instruction for pregnant women

  • Walking: Walking is one of the best sports recommended in more than one case because it has the benefits of burning calories, and tighten the muscles of the body in general and dissolve fat in the body.
  • Swimming: Swimming is one of the most important methods used to lose weight and tighten the muscles of the body and strongly advised to pregnant women.
  • Breathing exercises or so-called yoga exercises because of the benefits of: Relaxation, and the flow of blood correctly and flexible parts of the body, especially the uterus and regulate the breathing process.