How to avoid pregnancy cracks

How to avoid pregnancy cracks

Leather cracks

Skin cracks are symptoms of sudden skin enlargement and rapid weight loss, resulting in a rupture of the collagen layer within the skin, which in turn keeps the skin soft and cohesive. These cracks occur in most women in pregnancy as a result of an increase Sudden and continuous weight which reduces the skin’s ability to natural stretch.

These cracks appear in the second stage of pregnancy in red, and over time become brown, then white and silver, and when they reach the white is difficult to get rid of materials and creams simple, and to maintain the skin during pregnancy of cracks there are some rules that must Holder followed.

Women are most likely to break

Some women do not experience such cracks, and some begin to crack in appearance at the emergence of the abdomen, and women who have the weight before pregnancy are not exposed to any cracks because of the large amount of fat accumulated under the skin, and is a substance laxative of the skin that make him more capable of Women who have a lean, ideal and flat abdomen prior to pregnancy are often cracked, spread from the navel to the lower abdomen and from the sides of the abdomen. Such cracks can be avoided in several ways.

Prevention of pregnancy cracks

  • Eat healthy foods throughout pregnancy, and commit to eating fresh vegetables daily.
  • Increased intake of fluids significantly.
  • Drink the equivalent of two liters of water a day.
  • Do light exercises to give sufficient flexibility to the skin, taking advice from your doctor.
  • Maintain skin moisture continuously.
  • Moisturize the body with moisturizing creams that stimulate collagen and increase its activity.
  • Fat belly and buttocks with oils containing vitamin A and vitamin C such as: almond oil, wheat oil, olive oil.
  • Maintain the gradual increase in weight, through food balance and proper selection of meals.

How to use natural oils

  • Olive oil is one of the best oils to maintain skin moisture. Shea butter can also be used. This is done by applying belly fat and buttocks on a daily basis until the body absorbs the entire oil. On the internal moisture of the body.
  • Use collagen creams on the abdominal area during pregnancy, and there are many creams that are present in pharmacies, and they work to reduce cracking.