Ice cream for the holder

Ice cream for the holder

Health of pregnant women

There are many changes that occur to women when they are pregnant, some of them related to the hormones that affect their psychological and make them more sensitive, and fluctuating mood, and there are also physical changes, which relate to the body. It is worth mentioning that during pregnancy, women will be vulnerable to injury Because it can be reduced, it can get anemia, or become infected with viral infections, digestive disorders and others, so it should be more careful to take care of its health, and to be careful to keep away from bad habits and harmful foods, and focus on All that is healthy and useful, because everything that the woman enters on her body, also reaches her fetus, and in this article we will discuss the harmful effects of ice cream on the health of pregnant women, and the health of their child.

Ice cream damage to the holder

  • Pregnant women may feel hot, especially in the months of their last pregnancy, so resort to cold juices and drinking plenty of water, and sometimes resort to ice cream without knowing the disadvantages, and the side effects on the health and health of the fetus, where it is noted that ice cream contains many materials Which are originally different types of bacteria. These bacteria can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, and sometimes affect the health of the child after birth.
  • Eating ice cream, especially unsafe, can lead to fever, which can affect fetal health and growth.
  • Increase the proportion of fat and sugars in the blood, which would increase obesity, may affect the health of the heart.
  • Increased blood sugar in pregnant women may lead to fluid retention in the body and swelling, due to increased amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus.
  • Some types of ice cream contain artificial colors, which can lead to fetal abnormalities in some cases, apart from throat infections and tonsils of the mother.

Ice cream damage

There are some side effects and negative effects that a person may suffer after eating ice cream:

  • Inflammation of the throat and tonsils, so it is recommended to be taken out of the refrigerator before eating briefly.
  • Ice cream contains many calories and fat, so multiplying them lead to weight gain.
  • Some ice creams may contain harmful bacteria that infect humans with certain diseases, especially if they are not made from pasteurized milk, or contain low quality eggs, if taken from unsafe sources.
  • Sensitivity of certain components of ice cream, especially lactose, so it is advisable to confirm the contents before buying them.
  • The temporary headache, caused by the contact of ice cream to the roof of the throat leading to narrowing the arteries, temporarily causes headaches.