Methods to prevent pregnancy

Methods to prevent pregnancy

Many married women and women resort to ways and means to avoid pregnancy, whose primary purpose is not to procreate or to delay the process of procreation to manage the process of reproduction and spacing between births to avoid pregnancy after each intercourse between the husband and wife.

Contraception methods
  • There are some medicines and drugs taken by women, which are aimed at these drugs to disable fertilization or fertilization, and there is a big controversy between doctors and the media Gul these drugs, which in turn prevent the implantation of a human embryo in the uterus of the female and thus not to reproduce, where many doctors pointed to the seriousness of this matter to women And the pregnancy in which may lead to significant damage in the process of reproduction in women, which is considered undesirable and unhealthy in doctors and the possibilities that are not seen by doctors.
  • IUD: A uterine device which is one of the most famous means of preventing pregnancy, where this device is implanted by the doctor within 5 days after intercourse, and to use the coil there are two ways:

1- Hormonal: It is the pill for contraception. There are also two types of pills. The first is that contains progesterone, which is used for three days after the intercourse that is not prevention, and the second containing the eelone which is used for five days after intercourse and taking One pill every day.

2 – IUD or copper, which is installed by the doctor and implanted in the womb of the female.

Features and disadvantages of contraception


  • There is no serious side effect, especially in the use of the IUD, which should be taking birth control pills through the supervision of a specialist doctor.


  • Fatigue and headaches that may get to women after taking birth control pills and feeling sick, which are not common but did not last long.
  • Birth control pills do not prevent the transmission of diseases between the sexes during sexual intercourse, which is a lot of things in which women are stunned that they prevent the transmission of diseases between the sexes.