Ways to facilitate normal delivery

Ways to facilitate normal delivery

Ways to facilitate normal delivery

Do you believe that your date of birth is approaching or perhaps gone? Do you have to convince your child to get to the outside world? We offer you ten ways to help you speed up and facilitate the delivery process normally, but we recommend that you first consult your doctor to give you the green light.


Walking helps push the child down the pelvis, with the help of gravitational force and hips, and pressure on the pelvis helps the cervix start the labor and even if you have entered the birth stage and began to contract, walking will speed up the delivery but do not bother yourself much Walking, keeping energy for the day of birth, payment needs a great effort.

Marital Cohabitation

Most pregnant women suffer from inability to perform marital intercourse, especially in the fortieth week of pregnancy, we would advise to try to do so, as the sperm of the man contains prostaglandin, which are hormones that help to lengthen and extend the cervix to the process of birth, and orgasm Or the orgasm that gives the woman the release of oxytocin, which helps in the occurrence of contractions, and the process of massage nipples has an impact on the uterus and the occurrence of contractions, even if not help marital cohabitation in childbirth is necessarily help you get rid of the tension of prenatal.

Evening primrose oil and red raspberry leaf

Pregnant women are advised to use spring flower oil because they thin the cervix and help prepare it for delivery. It can be taken in the form of capsules or by rubbing the cervix with oil during the last period of pregnancy. You can also put it in the vagina after consulting your doctor because women who have the placenta must The red mulberry leaves use a tea body, which contains many minerals and vitamins that strengthen the pelvic and cervical region to help indirectly facilitate the delivery process.

Spoon of castor oil

Traditionally, a tablespoon of castor oil hastens delivery, because it helps to stimulate bowel and irritation of the uterus to facilitate normal birth, but it may cause diarrhea, so ask your doctor before taking it.

Hot spices

Hot foods such as castor oil are said to irritate the intestines, but more gently and hasten birth naturally, but there is no evidence of this belief, but it may cause heartburn instead of stimulating the uterus.


It helps to stimulate the uterus and the fetus to start labor naturally, but if the fetus is not ready to enter the pelvis, this method can not help normal labor.

Pressure therapy

This method is similar to acupuncture by pressing certain places in the body to stimulate uterine activity. You can use this method yourself or with the help of your husband. There are two pressure zones that stimulate natural birth: between the index finger and thumb, inside the upper leg of the ankle bone is about four fingers.


It helps to relax and raise the amount of oxytocin in the body of the mother and increase uterine contractions, and it is not strange that most cases of childbirth are at night, as the mother has been rinsed mattress, which stimulates the hormone oxytocin, in addition to meditation that helps labor and accelerate natural childbirth.

Eat pineapples, papaya, mangoes and dates

  • Pineapple, papaya and mango: These fruits stimulate the body to secrete cervical thinning enzymes and reduce the duration of labor to facilitate birth.
  • Eating dates: mentioned in the Koran has great benefits by birth, a little of the day helps to cervical lengthening and many mothers away from the need for artificial divorce.