What the new baby needs

What the new baby needs

New Baby Supplies

Most newborns are at fault when they start fetching what their baby needs from any shop you see without planning or arranging; you often buy equipment that you do not use later , And sometimes forget to buy some things necessary, so we will show in this article all the requirements for the newborn.


The sheets and mattresses should be made of 100% cotton; to protect the baby from allergies and be suitable bed sizes, taking into account the choice of colors and models as beautiful and modern as possible and in proportion to the financial capacity, and the necessary bedding:

  • Three Bed Mattresses.
  • Two washable blankets.
  • Three to four light covers can be washed.
  • Cover or two to get out in the car or sleep outside the house.
  • Six pieces of small fabrics to put on the shoulder that the baby burps after the feeding.
  • Two large bathtubs with a head covering.
  • Three to four small sized towels.
  • Sleeping bag, linoleum.


  • Beds are available for children.
  • Mattress for mattress (mattress).
  • Bed mosquito net.
  • Customized bedside partitions.
  • A portable bed to place the baby in when you get out in the car.

Shower Tools

  • bath tub.
  • Children’s sponge and shower gloves.
  • Shower liquid and shampoo without tears.
  • Aromatic Essential Oil for Children.
  • Suitable for children’s skin.
  • Brush and comb.


Before going to the market to buy clothes must specify the amount of clothing to be bought and appropriate to the circumstances of the house, and the maximum needed by the child:

  • Six to ten underwear with an opening from the front and two cups from the sides.
  • Four to seven salbutites are suitable for home.
  • Three to six sets of salubites suitable for volatile weather, and a variety between the cat and the long sleeve.
  • Two full sets to exit.
  • One or two jackets.
  • Head cover to three covers.
  • A couple to three pairs of pairs.
  • Three baby bibs.


It is always best to choose breastfeeding, and not to resort to artificial milk unless necessary. However, there are some luxuries that make breastfeeding easier:

  • With one or two 180 ml of natural herbs.
  • One or two 250 ml.
  • For a hobby.
  • Breast pump.
  • Towel for chest.
  • An ointment for breastfeeding.
  • Cover for breastfeeding outside the home.


There are many types of strollers for children, in different shapes and sizes, you can choose from the following set:

  • Mobile cart.
  • Car seat.
  • Child carrier.
  • Diaper bag.
  • Wet wipes.