Fat Burning Medicines

Fat Burning Medicines

Fat burning drugs are characterized by many functions such as energizing energy levels in the body and reduce appetite for food in addition to doubling the speed of metabolism and burning fat. In order to get the best possible benefit from these tablets, all you have to do is follow a healthy diet while exercising.

Advantages of fat burning drugs:

One of the most important benefits of these tablets is that it helps to dissolve body fat, by doubling the speed of metabolism, and gives you the energy to do more exercise in the gym or during exercise. These tablets also help reduce open appetite for food, helping to lose weight over time.

Disadvantages of fat burning drugs :

Despite the effective benefits of fat burning tablets, some of these drugs may lead to fatigue and stress of the body. It also contains the “adverb” which, when overdosed, causes nervousness, tension, sleep disorders, kidney stones, dizziness and depression. Thus, the whole problem lies in the amount of the body takes these drugs, not more. In addition, the body’s responses to such drugs vary from person to person. There may be a radical change in the shape of the body in some people, while no change occurs with other people. Excessive consumption of such tablets may also lead to stomach infections and diarrhea.

The best fat burning medicine :

1. Chromium: It is the top of the natural medicines that reduce the proportion of cholesterol in the blood and how it works. It converts sugars (the raw material of carbohydrates during metabolism) into stored fat in the liver that is easy to burn (glycogen) and prevents its transformation into fat accumulating in the body. Daily even if walking for an hour the body burns all food easily and thus burning the accumulated fat to supply energy and harm to patients with fatty liver

Chitosan: Its disadvantages are that the idea of ​​its work is based on the fact that Chitosan works on the packaging of fatty substances and does not absorb them, so the body gets rid of them in the process of output, either those who do not contain many fats but does not affect carbohydrates or sugars, so it is not effective alone.

3. Ruin (parenchyma): It depends on it swells water and requires drinking a large amount of water and swelling inside the stomach, which causes a sense of satiety, but boring to the need of the individual a large amount of tablets before each meal.

4.Mirabro Capsule: The most powerful drug to overcome hunger effect witch but unfortunately its side effects much if we exceeded the permissible dose of one capsule per day after breakfast hour and should not exceed the treatment for 28 days after rest for a period of not less than 3 months and then if the need is repeated After 3 months

5. Calcium Pyruvate helps reduce fat and build stronger muscles.

  • Results: Studies have shown that most people with heavy weight have tried it but followed a diet diet low-calorie, and the results were weak and ineffective. Side effects are diarrhea and gas

6. Chitosan Chitosan, called Magnet Fat, helps absorb fat and burn calories at all times even when you sleep.

Helps to reduce cholesterol a little but not effective in weight loss, especially when eating fat in large quantities, and its side effects that sometimes causes exogenous leakage