Methods of slimming the abdomen and buttocks

Methods of slimming the abdomen and buttocks

Accumulation of fat in the abdomen and buttocks

Many people are looking for solutions to eliminate the problem of accumulation of fat in the abdomen and buttocks. The best solution is to eliminate obesity in general and excess weight from all parts of the body, as well as to engage in varied physical activity regularly, as the body loses fat from different places Varies from person to person depending on several factors, and weight loss can not be normal from one area to another.

There are many factors that affect the accumulation of fat in the body, especially in the waist, and those factors birth, fast food, sleep disorders, and some types of drugs, and aging.

The quality of belly fat and buttocks

Scientists have recently divided body fat by type and place of accumulation. For fat, it is divided into two types: brown fat, which is found in the bodies of healthy people more than people who are obese, and they help burn calories. Scientists are seeking to find a way to increase its percentage in the body as a way to get rid of obesity, while the second type is white fat, which accumulate in the bodies of obese people, and work the endocrine system in the body.

If fat builds up around the inner organs of the abdomen, it is called a viscous fat. These fats damage human health, increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Excessive visceral fat contains subcutaneous fat, which may not be as harmful as other types of fat, but may be beneficial to the health of the body, the same fat present in the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks.

The truth behind the slimming of the abdomen and buttocks

The nature of each person’s body differs in terms of the areas of fat accumulation in it. This difference has environmental and genetic causes. Fat may start accumulating in the abdominal area forming the apple body. It may begin to accumulate in the thighs and buttocks, forming the body of the pear. When some people in the upper body, such as assistants and chest, and when continuing to accumulate fat, they begin to spread and spread in other areas of the body depending on the nature of the body and the way the formation and accumulation of fat.

It is not possible to determine the area to lose fat without them; science has proved that there is no diet, or food, or certain herb performs this magical function, and there is no diet program focused on the loss of fat buttocks or abdominal fat exclusively, as rumored Among people, but the body begins to lose fat in general from different places of the body, and gradually, starting with the loss of fat from the last area of ​​the accumulation of fat to the first area began to accumulate, if began, for example, accumulation of fat in the abdomen to the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs, Thigh and buttocks and ends m N abdomen, ie in reverse.

Exercises to tighten the abdomen and buttocks

In addition to a healthy diet for slimming, it is also recommended to exercise that burns fat, tightens the body, and gives the desired appearance, so it is recommended to exercise the following to tighten the abdomen and buttocks:

To tighten the abdomen

It is recommended to lie on the back and bend the two men, in conjunction with the placement of the hands in the position of networking behind the neck and open the elbows out, and then try to raise the upper back to the highest degree possible slowly with a focus on the abdomen, and advised to maintain this position for a moment before returning to the original position, Repeated 20 times in succession, and for three sporadic periods (a total of 60 times).

The person can also lie on his back and bend his knees, placing the arms on the chest in a cross, and then press the stomach to the ground in conjunction with lifting the head and shoulders from the ground and remove the chin from the chest.

To tighten the buttocks

To tighten the muscles of the lateral waist, it is recommended to lie on the back and bend the knees, and try to touch the left knee with right elbow and vice versa, while maintaining the survival of the feet on the ground, and focus on the pressure on the abdomen and the feeling of tensile muscle side.

To tighten the muscles of the lower back it is recommended to lie on the abdomen and headlamp by hand, and then keep the thighs to touch the ground and try to lift each man and even reduced the feeling of tightening the muscles of the lower back.

To tighten the abdomen and buttocks together

It is recommended to sit on the edge of anything high above the ground a little, and stabilize the hands a few centimeters from the sides of the buttocks, and then the individual back and make it straight on one with the tightening of the muscles of the abdomen and chest lift, and the combination of the two legs and bending knees towards the body, and then bend the elbows slightly in conjunction with the reduction The legs should be relaxed in a straight line. The muscles of the neck should also be relaxed. When you return to the starting position, the knees should be flexed and the arms at the same time. Repeat this exercise 40 times to get the desired results.

Useful tips for fat loss

Many people believe that the reason behind the accumulation of belly fat and buttocks is often genetically difficult to control and stop, but the fact that the unhealthy food rich in saturated fats and sugars of all kinds is the real cause of this problem, and the solution here is to dispense with processed and refined foods, Monounsaturated monounsaturated fatty acids. It dissolves incurable fats by sending brain signals that give it a feeling of fullness of the stomach, resulting in less food consumption and a feeling of fullness for longer periods.

Fat increase is a real danger to human health, and its accumulation increases the chances of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure; visceral abdominal fat increases the chances of heart attacks, due to its ability to increase the thickness of vessel walls It may also increase the pressure on the liver, which affects its vital processes, reduces its efficiency, and makes it difficult to process toxic substances from the blood and put them out of the body. There are many ways that may help to melt fat, including fat accumulated in the abdomen, and useful tips for fat loss:

  • First Tip: To remove fat, it is advised not to eat foods high in sugar and saturated fat, refined foods, which are often rich in carbohydrates, colors and artificial flavors, and preservatives harmful to human health, which in turn disrupt the work of various organs and reduce efficiency, The body of toxins and fat crackers also have a role in reducing the ability of the body to get rid of excess fat, because the body stores excess fat as a means of protection for different devices.
  • Second advice: It is also recommended to eat foods high in unsaturated monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, coconuts, and seeds. These foods support the process of fat dissolving in general, and particularly hard fats in the abdominal area, The average amount of food consumed during the day.
  • Third advice: It is also recommended to reduce the intake of all types of sugars as well as grains. Experts refer the cause of obesity and other chronic diseases to consumption of wheat, as it increases the levels of sugar in the blood, but when the decline of sugar levels after rising appetite increases and the feeling of hunger and desire to eat more Wheat products, so reducing the intake of wheat products reduce the problem of accumulation of fat, especially abdominal fat and rid the body of them.
  • Fourth advice: After adjusting the diet and a healthy diet, it is recommended to add some natural herbs and plants to the daily diet program. Many contain powerful chemical compounds that promote fat burning by raising the levels of metabolism, increasing the secretion of fatty acids from fat stores, Of hunger, which reduces the level of calories consumed, and the largest example of this plant ginger, which is one of the strongest and most powerful and effective; because it contains chemicals that cleanse the body of toxins, and stimulate digestion, and enhance the efficiency of the session Bloody.