Treat the nose with needles instead of surgery

Treat the nose with needles instead of surgery

The nose occupies an aesthetic position especially for males and females alike. It is the middle of the face and is the most prominent facial features.

In many cultures, especially Arabic, nose is one of the most important standards of beauty.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic operations around the world, because nasal deformities negatively affect a person’s psyche and affect his self-confidence and social interaction with others.

However, there are a large number of sufferers who suffer from nasal deformities who do not wish to undergo surgery to modify the nose for several reasons:

1. The operation of the nose surgery is performed under general anesthesia and as is known, the general anesthesia problems and complications.

2. There are pains after the operation lasts for a while.

3. The person also needs a period of recuperation until he returns to his normal life, which extends for several weeks (six to eight weeks).

4. Many are afraid of doing the operation because they do not know how their shape will be after the operation and that they may need another process to fix deficiencies in the first process.

Hence the importance of cosmetic surgery without surgery. This method was shown about 5 years ago and is done by injecting and fluorine (packing).

The nose is characterized by needles are:

1. It is done without surgery and therefore do not need general anesthesia and hospitalization.

2. We do not need a period of recovery after the operation, but will return to normal life after the injection directly.

3. The procedure is painless and in about ten minutes.

4. Most nasal deformities can be adjusted for those who do not want surgery. Adjustments can also be made to those who have performed operations and still need minor adjustments.

5. The patient will be involved in the assessment of the modifications during the work of the doctor to be asked to increase or stop at the arrival of the amendment to a satisfactory stage of the person, other than surgery where the patient under general anesthesia and not see the results of the process only after the end and may not be satisfactory to him.

How do injections work?

First, a local cream will be placed for half an hour to an hour, but only about a quarter after that, the patient will not feel the pain. The patient will be given a mirror and the doctor will explain the modifications. Botox and fluorine will be injected in the appropriate places to obtain the required adjustment.

How long do the injection results last?

This varies depending on the type of substance. Botox effect lasts for six months, but the effect of fluorine lasts from one to two years depending on the type of substance.

What are the possible side effects?

The presence of redness and temporary swelling in the area will disappear within several days.

What can not be adjusted in the nose by injection?

– Infusion can not solve the problem of internal embolism and difficulty breathing nose, but injection is to improve the external appearance.

Dr.. Rasha Rashid