How to get henna?

How to get henna?

Henna powder is extracted from the henna plant, an Asian plant. Arab women have been known since ancient times to use henna to beautify their hands and feet  on happy occasions. The women put henna on the bride’s feet and hands before her wedding day (henna day).

Henna is used for cosmetic purposes; it is not only for the hands, but for women to dye her hair to cover the  white hair , in addition to the aesthetic side in the use of henna, it is used for therapeutic purposes, It is a very effective treatment for many skin diseases, such as boils, acne, and fungal diseases. Henna leaves are used for treatment. Henna on hair is useful in treating various hair diseases, such as hair loss and hair loss. dispose of the veneer that appears in the head.

Henna is also used on burned areas. If a person puts some henna powder and water on the burnt area, it reduces pain and reduces burns.
Brown color often results from the use of henna, but some believe that this color is not beautiful in hand engraving and hair dyeing, so there is a need to add some materials to the henna powder, which works to give henna a different color.

1. How to get the black color of henna.
In order to get a black color of henna, put a little drops  of lemon juice in henna powder, sugar and boiled tea, after removing the henna put a little moisturizing cream or Vaseline.
Some may prescribe a henna drug, which is purchased from the pharmacy. It is called mason, an aromatic fat for blackness in henna. Most women prefer black blame for henna, which is engraved on hands and feet.

2.How to Get the red color of henna.
The woman who wants to dye her hair is looking for henna to get the red color, so  add a quantity of blood of deer. It can be obtained from the apothecary . A small quantity of henna powder is placed, and the more blood of deer to get the required color
European experts use henna leaves in the manufacture of many cosmetics, skin care and skin care remedies, because of the wonderful effect of henna on skin and hair.