Get rid of hair permanently

Get rid of hair permanently

Hair overload

Hair grows in different parts of the body, grows in undesirable places, and women and girls suffer from excess hair. They tend to get rid of it permanently, as excess hair gives a bad appearance to the woman’s body that is smooth.

Getting rid of excess hair

The hair grows naturally in the body, because of the male hormone, which is very low in women and depends on the hormones and heredity, but can be caused by the emergence of excessive hair in women is infected with some diseases and health imbalances, such as the incidence of some cancers as adrenal gland, Such as stimulants.

  • Women resort to many ways and methods to get rid of excess hair and appearance with the best body, and some of these methods are not permanent; because hair is due to growth and appearance after removal, including:
    • Shaving using special blades, where the hair is cut and not removed from the roots.
    • Plucking hair by thread especially for the facial area, is a very painful way.
    • Using sugar or wax, it removes hair from the roots and prepares it painfully.
    • Use of excess hair removal creams, a fast but unreliable method because they are potentially harmful chemicals.
    • Laser that works to weaken hair and fall.
  • Some methods work to remove hair in a way that prevents growth again, such as natural recipes, including:
    • Use turmeric to remove unwanted hair, because it prevents the growth of hair, turmeric can be added to water or milk and then get the paste is placed on the area, leave until dry, and then wash with warm water.
    • Use sugar and lemon by mixing them with water, placing them on the area and rubbing them gently.
    • Salt with cold water, salt is used after hair removal by sugar or wax, so that it is placed on the area for ten minutes, rinsed after, and must repeat this process weekly.
    • Use dipped thermos to prevent hair growth, so that it is placed after hair removal from its roots.
    • Massage the area with green ginger, so after removing it from the roots, repeat this for three days.

Although the code removes hair quickly and effortlessly, it is a wrong choice for the body, an impossible choice for the facial area, and many women use excessive hair to hide it. But this method does not work to remove it and therefore only suitable for very short hair and soft, and can cause disfigurement in the body and face of women.