How to use Shea butter for your beauty

How to use Shea butter for your beauty

Shea Butter

Chia is one of the fruit trees that spread in the countries of the continent of Africa is very different, and much like the tree of walnut, and stems from the importance of this tree from the extraction of the substance of the fatty nature of the fruits to get the butter known as shea butter common spread and use for humans, Vitamins A and E, which gave her great importance and great benefits to her user.

And enter the butter Shea in many uses, and perhaps the manufacture of cosmetics and various cosmetics are the most prominent, the recent studies have proved their effective role in the treatment of hair problems and different skin, and we will discuss in this article about the benefits and uses in detail and explanation to benefit.

Benefits of Shea butter

Shea Butter has many benefits, advantages and advantages, including:

  • Remove make-up, powders and various cosmetics.
  • Treatment of various skin burns on various areas of the body.
  • Moisturize the skin and soften it.
  • Treat the meat screws in the foot.
  • Peel the skin and remove dead cells from the skin.
  • Prolong hair and soften it.
  • Treatment of insect bites, scorpions, mosquitoes and others.
  • Treatment of wounds.
  • Elimination of blackness in the knees and elbows in humans.
  • Treatment of painful and persistent itching in the scalp.
  • Treatment of eczema that causes pain to the sufferer.
  • Treatment of joint pain and rheumatism.

How to use Shea butter

Shea Butter is used for many areas as follows:

  • Shea butter and face: This is done by cleaning the face in advance, and then dried from the effects of water, and massage the face with a small amount of butter on the face and neck also gently and gently for about ten minutes, taking care to move away from the area of ​​eyes and surrounding, and is useful in providing the skin With various vitamins, and give them brightness, softness and luster, as it tightens the skin and hide the lines and wrinkles that show aging on the face.
  • Shea butter for black circles under the eyes: It requires before the establishment of compresses of chamomile until pores bloom in that area, easy to absorb Shea butter easily and easily, and put a small amount of butter on the areas of the auras, but gently, and non-fat, wrinkles may be formed due to the sensitivity of the region, Leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse with water.
  • Shea butter and hair: The benefit is achieved by bringing a small amount of shea butter and add a small amount of olive oil, and mixing the ingredients until mixed together, and then put the mixture on the hair clean and dried, and recommended the penetration of the mixture from the roots to the parties, and also advised to leave the mixture to approximately Thirty minutes, during which cover the head and then wash the hair well.