What is the easiest way to remove excess hair?

What is the easiest way to remove excess hair?

Hair removal methods

There are many different methods used in hair removal and rid the body of it, and can not determine the best way to remove hair in each way the pros and cons and the nature of the skin varies from person to person to this must try the methods and observe the most appropriate way that corresponds to the quality of your skin.


Shaving is the process of removing hair with the blade to cut the hair on the surface of the skin. This hair removal method can be used on almost any part of the body.

  • Pros: shaving can be an inexpensive way to get rid of unwanted, painless hair and effective hair removal for a short time.
  • Negatives: shaving may get rid of hair, but this will be for a short time not exceeding a few days.


Wax is one of the oldest methods of hair removal by placing it on the hair to be removed, and put a piece of cloth over and removed strongly, it is good for the owners of dark hair and thick.

  • Pros: Using wax, hair grows slower because wax removes all hair from the roots directly through the pores. Usually, you will get rid of hair for two weeks to eight weeks, depending on the nature of the hair and its growth cycle. The wax method can be relatively inexpensive.
  • Negatives: A painful method of epilation, as you need to forceps for the removal of short hairs and can not be removed by wax.


The method of sugar for epilation is somewhat similar to the wax method in that it removes hair from its roots and is made from natural ingredients of sugar, honey and lemon.

  • Pros: Because it is made from natural ingredients, it reduces the possibility of skin irritation and redness and good for the owners of sensitive skin, and it will prevent hair growth for two weeks for four weeks.
  • Negatives: Diarrhea is accompanied by a lot of pain.
If you are sensitive to the skin and can tolerate the pain, the method of hair removal with sugar is the best, and the hair will take longer to grow again, and over time will gradually decrease its growth.


Is one of the oldest forms of hair removal that originated in the Middle East and South Asia, which are threads made of cotton, clasped scissors between the fingers, and take the hair desired to be removed, an effective method of hair eyebrows and short hair on the face.

  • Pros: You need a short time to get rid of eyebrow hair, which is an inexpensive way, and enables us to remove hair with less pain.
  • Cons: Not an option to remove body hair, it can be a lot painful for men because their hair is thicker.


Chemical creams work on the basis of smashing the structure of the hair, by applying it to unwanted hair and removing it after 5-10 minutes, and be using this warm towel.

  • Pros: Hair removal is less pain, faster speed, as it is inexpensive.
  • Cons: The appearance of hair after a short period and thicker than before.


Laser hair removal is more likely to be permanent hair removal. It is an intense pulse of light that touches the hair area, but this method may involve a risk of burns, so it is not an option for everyone.

  • Pros: Laser is often used as an option for permanent hair removal.
  • Cons: Laser hair removal can be painful, its costs are high and it does not suit all skin types.
Some studies have indicated that laser hair removal needs patience, and usually needs more than one session to get rid of the hair, eventually, the laser can be an effective way to reduce the amount of body hair, but it is a bit expensive.