How to clean the ear of wax

How to clean the ear of wax

One of the five senses created in man is the hearing. A small member is responsible for the hearing and is part of the head. The ear is the organ responsible for taking and hearing sounds and is divided into three types of inner and middle ear and ear. The external ear is the first line, which consists of the ear flange, which works on the collection of sound and from the audio channel in which the sound is transmitted and is the middle ear canal and the auditory canal consists of glands forming a substance called ear plugs or ear wax.

Definition of ear wax

Wax or mucus in the ear is a yellow viscous liquid that is similar to wax and has a foul odor that helps to protect the ear from bacteria, insects, dirt dust and dirt that are trying to enter the ear. The earwax is a substance that is released by the ear automatically when cleaning itself From the inside the ear wax collects at the beginning of the ear entrance almost on the line of the eardrum.

Usually, when the ear is not cleaned, especially after bathing and entering the water, the so-called ear infection, where the water dissolves the earwax and remains inside, causing an appropriate medium to collect bacteria and cause inflammation, so it is better to clean the ear of wax, but in proper ways.

Clean ear wax

  • Therefore, it is preferable to clean the ear from the accumulated wax by inserting a cotton cloth that is broken and inserted in the ear only twice until the wax comes out, especially after bathing. Which enter large amounts of water inside the ear, and does not favor the use of cotton rods because it works to push the wax inside the ear and work when the use of wrong and unguarded on the hole of the eardrum.
  • In cases of accumulation of earwax is strongly advised to consult your doctor until the diagnosis of the case of excessive ear wax is diagnosed. It is mentioned that the ear in its normal state does not produce a lot of wax unless there is a defect in it.
  • When cleaning the ear, one drop of olive oil is placed inside the ear, and then a tapered cloth is inserted. The ear is cleaned with wax and a cloth can be applied with warm water until the wax is easily applied. Ear when water enters it.