Getting rid of lice with olive oil

Getting rid of lice with olive oil


There are many organisms that affect the human being directly or indirectly, some of them cause pain and harm to him, and others affect him and prevent him from doing his activities by suffering from various diseases, and these organisms that harm the human is the lice insect that we will talk about during this the article.

Lice is a type of insect that is linked to human parasitism relationship, and results from lack of care to pay attention to personal hygiene, usually spread among school students.

Lice is a gray or black insect, with six legs with claws, which makes it easier to stick to hair. A female lice is able to put 8 eggs a day and can live for 30 days on the hair of the casualty. The length of the lice is up to 2.5 millimeters. The lice are present in the scalp of the person who sneezes, the hair of the armpit, or the pubic.

Symptoms of lice infestation

There are several symptoms of lice, including:

  • Feeling a person with a movement in the head.
  • Skin rash and grains can appear in the scalp, shoulders and neck because the affected person is affected by lice bites during the bite to the place where the blood is obtained.

Methods of treatment of lice

  • Lindane is available in the form of shampoo, lotion, or cream, but it is recommended that it should not be used for pregnant women unless it is consulted by a physician and should not be used by people who are below the normal range.
  • Gas.
  • MalathaionK: Use caution while using it; it is flammable.

How to move lice

  • Use the injured person’s tools such as comb, towels and clothing.
  • By sitting near the person with contact with his head, or his body, and there is a kind of lice is transmitted by jumping like donkeys.

Prevention of lice

  • Place the person with a room alone to prevent transmission.
  • Sterilizing combing tools, shaving tools with sterile salons, or hot water and soap, wash for at least 20 minutes.
  • Put a plastic lid on the furniture for two weeks; to prevent infection, and make sure the death of the lice.
  • As a vacuum cleaner in the process of cleaning house furniture.
  • Hair combing is wet with water and repeated four days a week. This method is practiced along with treatment.
  • Take care to use shampoo or lotion in personal hygiene.

Getting rid of lice with olive oil

Some studies and research at the University of Hebrew at the American Institute of Head Lice have shown that olive oil is capable of eliminating lice, and this is done in a number of steps:

  • Kill lice using permethrin compounds or pyrethium.
  • Olive oil is used to wash the head before bedtime.
  • Before rinsing the head of olive oil using your hair shampoo should be combed with a metal comb.
  • Test if the lice are available using hot flask heat.
  • Detection of the presence of lice or eggs by watching the eye, and the use of the comb to dispose of eggs.
  • Check the elimination of lice for at least three weeks.