How to get rid of the soap completely

How to get rid of the soap completely

Lice and Soaps

Lice are small parasitic insects that have six legs through which they attach to the scalp and neck. Lice are nourished by the absorption of human blood. Their size resembles the size of the sesame seed, which is difficult to detect and see. Lice eggs, called sapans, Hair is near the scalp and the vision is more difficult, color white, and multiply very quickly. In this article we will present the symptoms of the presence of the syrup, and ways to get rid of it.

Symptoms of bovine injury

  • Strong itching in the scalp, especially in areas below the head, behind the ears.
  • The presence of small eggs similar to the crust is white, and remain attached to hair for long periods until hatch and turn into lice.

Methods of disposal of soap

  • Drugs made from daisy extract: These drugs are safe and have the ability to eliminate live lice, but have no effect on small eggs. The instructions, instructions and steps in the internal narcotics bulletin should be followed, the period of time in which the scalp should be applied, and how to wash it. These medicines can be reused for lice during a period of 9 to 10 days. As a result of both times, you should go to a specialist to prescribe the most effective treatment.
  • The use of combs with high, accurate and convergent teeth. These combs are characterized by having thin, thin teeth that are sufficient to remove hair from lice and eggs. The only drawback in this method is that it takes a lot of time, and you need patience until you get rid of the lice and the teeth completely. It may be best and most effective to comb the hair through these combs after washing with a medical shampoo; to get rid of any traces of lice and teeth.
  • Tea tree oil: by placing three to four drops of oil in the shampoo, then wash the hair well, and combed by a comb with fine teeth, and must be repeated this method three times to eliminate the fiber completely, where tea tree oil contains two important elements, causing death Nervous of the lice when they arrive.
  • Mayonnaise is a natural and effective treatment, because it causes the lice and the teeth to become trapped very quickly.
  • Black bean: Mix the black bean with the vinegar to get a suitable mixture and put it on the head, then exposure to the sun, and remove after six hours, and repeat this process for a week.