How to cut hair at home

How to cut hair at home

How to cut hair home

Girls usually go to beauty salons to care for their hair at the hands of beauticians, such as dyeing hair or cutting hair, as well as to make hair straighteners and hair cuts appropriate to the shape of the face, and of course this requires a special time for the salon with the payment of high financial costs, This is a problem for her, which she may be able to compensate for if she wants to shorten the time and save the cost. We will then review the method To cut hair home without the need for salon:


  • Sharp scissors for hair cutting.
  • Rubber band.
  • Comb or brush to smooth the hair.
  • Mirror.


  • Brush your hair well with a hair brush to get rid of the wrinkles and grids in the hair and make sure it becomes evenly smooth.
  • Hair the back of the hair in the shape of the ponytail, preferably the hair dry not wet, because wet hair appears longer than dry hair.
  • Slowly lower the hair tie to the point where you want to cut it and apply the sharp hair scissors.
  • Draw the hair follicle forward gently and place it over one of the shoulders so that you can see the cutting process on the opposite mirror.
  • Cut your hair gradually rather than once, any length less than you want so as not to be too short when you repeat the process of pruning and cutting the final fins, and the shear should be in the shape of a straight line.
  • Arrange the story in its final form by trimming it vertically to hide the defects resulting from the cutting process.
  • Remove the hair bundle and make sure that the lengths between the limbs are perfectly equal.

Benefits of regular hair cutting

  • Helps to facilitate the process of layoff and styling as you wish.
  • Eliminates the problem of hair loss experienced by the majority of girls.
  • Hair eliminates the problems of flat ends and the possibility of hair damage resulting from it.
  • Strengthens the roots of hair and increases its density and vitality and helps to accelerate its growth and increase its length.
  • Women feel energetic and change, renewing their appearance and giving them new beauty and radiance.
  • Solves the problem of light, weak and curly hair.
  • Corrects the shape of the hair in proportion to the shape of the face and restore the vitality and the appearance of health.
  • Reduces the possibility of voids in the hair of the head, which increases in those with long hair.
  • Facilitate hair cleaning and reduce the appearance of white hair “gray” early in life.