Search for food and health of our bodies

Search for food and health of our bodies

Proper food for better health

Human needs to be able to carry out various activities during the old age efficiently and able to healthy food proper, provided by the basic elements needed by the body to grow and strengthen, healthy food also plays an important role in preventing the human from the incidence of many diseases such as heart attacks, High blood pressure, liver disease, strokes, and many other diseases.

Doctors and dietitians usually advise people to exercise, follow a healthy diet to maintain good health, and maintain their physical mass to remain within normal limits according to their age.

Healthy food

Every person needs to eat as a basic necessity and a major need of the body. However, some types of food are harmful to the human body and do not benefit from fast meals. For example, healthy food is defined as food that contains the food groups that the human body needs. Supplied with elements and materials that are involved in building a strong body.

The essential food groups include fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, oils and proteins. These groups help ensure that sufficient amounts of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, and minerals are available, and what amounts a person must eat in order to reach To a good physical health, this is due to the food specialists who study each case separately, and then provide a complete table containing the quantities of materials to be dealt with day and night.

Healthy Healthy Diet Tips

  • Food must be diversified, since man should not concentrate on one type of food without the other. The food group can not, in any way, provide the human body with all the materials and elements it needs and strengthens.
  • The human body can absorb a certain amount of food. It stores the rest of the body in the form of fat, which causes it to become obese, and thus it is harmful to the body. With many different diseases.
  • Humans should eat some foods moderately. The most salient substances are salty foods, sugars, sweets, fat and cholesterol, as much as possible of vegetables and fruits. Vegetarian foods contain many important nutrients And necessary for the human body in exchange for containing low rates of calories.