The best time to measure weight

The best time to measure weight


The weighting process needs a certain time and method. The balance may give a false reading of the actual weight if the person is measuring his weight at different times of the day, so nutritionists advise the person to set the right time to measure it to get the most accurate results possible.

In addition, some things must be considered before using the balance, such as clothes worn by the person and the food that was dealt with and other things, and below we will mention the most appropriate time to measure weight.

Weight measurement conditions

There are some things that a person should follow to get the exact result when weighing his weight, such as:

  • Measure the weight at the same time of day In each measurement session, it is necessary to follow the same pattern each time to get the correct results.
  • Measure the weight the same day every week, wear the same clothes every time, and the clothes should be light and do not increase weight.
  • Using the same balance in each measurement session, often the weight may vary from balance to balance, so the person should use your balance every time, to get the right results.
  • Avoid measuring weight after eating salty foods, because after ingestion, the body may block fluids, which may lead to weight gain and give a wrong result.
  • Avoid measuring your weight on a daily basis. This can frustrate a person as a result of weight gain or even decrease every day. The result may vary from day to day.

The best time to measure weight

  • Early in the morning, many studies suggest that the best time to measure weight is early morning and after entering the bathroom, because the person’s stomach is empty and does not carry any extra weight.
  • At the beginning of the week, the person must set a specific day to measure his weight, preferably this day is the first day of the week to be adopted by the person and be easy to remember.
  • After completing the menstrual cycle, women should avoid measuring their weight during the menstrual cycle, and wait until they are finished, because weight measurement in this period may give false readings and exceed the normal rate.

Note: The person should always remember that the results of weighting are not necessarily correct. The proportion of fat and muscle controls weight significantly, so focus on body measurements more than total weight to avoid feeling frustrated or hopeless.