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Damage to soft drinks

Damage to soft drinks
Damage to soft drinks

Soft drinks

The so-called soft drinks were invented in 1886 by an American pharmacist named John Bamberton, when he came up with a recipe for a soft drink, and then he started to promote the drink in America, until the first drink became not only in America but also in the whole world, Although more people are addicted to these drinks, they are more aware of their risks, but they continue to do so. We will show you the health damage of drinking too much.

Damage to soft drinks

  • Obesity and overweight: Soft drinks cause a significant increase in weight because they contain a high proportion of sugars.
  • Liver damage: The incidence of various liver diseases increases when the amount of soft drinks consumed increases, notably cirrhosis of the liver. Many studies have shown that the damage caused by soft drinks is higher than that caused by alcohol.
  • tooth decay: Soft drinks cause many problems of mouth and teeth, most notably dental caries, because it melts the outer enamel layer of the teeth, because it contains a group of acids and sugars.
  • Kidney disease: The higher the proportion of soft drinks consumed, the greater the chance of kidney disease, specifically the gravel because it contains a high proportion of phosphoric acid, which changes the composition of urine.
  • Diabetes: Because it is a major cause of obesity, it leads to diabetes, because it makes it difficult to work in the pancreas in the secretion of enough insulin to burn all the sugar inside the body.
  • GERD: It is a strong irritation to the stomach as a result of the exit of the infectious juices and the transfer of the esophagus. When the person is eating additional gas drinks, this causes an increase in acidity in the stomach, and therefore more cramps and scratches.
  • Osteoporosis: It is known that increasing the proportion of phosphorus in the blood reduces the proportion of calcium in it; so when drinking or drinking soft drinks, it reduces the proportion of calcium in the body and increases the proportion of phosphorus, thus become more vulnerable to the risk of bone problems such as fragility, thinness and weakness.
  • Hypertension: Because soft drinks increase the viscosity and acidity of the blood, then weaken the immunity of the body and become infected with different diseases greater.