How to treat kidney stones

How to treat kidney stones

What are kidney stones

The stones that accumulate in the kidneys are a mass of crystals, which gather together. The protein that is between these crystals works to glue them together. The location of these stones may occur in the kidney, or may accumulate in the ureter; due to the salts that precipitate in the urine. And the most common places where these kidney stones gather (alveoli).

The size of these stones varies in the kidneys, may be large in size and may be small size can only be seen under the microscope. And kidney stones disease puzzled doctors over the years, the different sizes and types, there are gallstones (calcium), ammonium phosphate (gallstones), and stones (Magnesium). These stones are composed mainly in males / men. These stones cause severe pain if collected in the urine outlet.

Most kidney stones can go through or out of the urine to the outside of the body, but if exposed to the insect needs the patient time to help from a specialist doctor. In certain cases, the doctor is forced to insert a flexible tube, from within the ureter. In other cases, the doctor is forced to use a kidney stone shredder or laser beam.

Symptoms complained of by the patient stones

  • Pain in the colon area.
  • The feeling of severe colic in his or her hip, spreads until it feels pain in the genitals, and the thigh.
  • Blood may come down with urine.
  • Feeling sometimes infected with sweating, desire to vomit and feeling nauseous.
  • Pain in the abdominal cavity sometimes.
  • Severe heartburn is felt when urinating.

Causes that lead to stone formation

  • Lack of drinking water during the day.
  • The frequent intake of animal proteins.
  • The occurrence of urinary stagnation at the person.

Treatment and prevention of stones in the kidneys

  • A healthy diet that does not contain many proteins, nitrogen and sodium is abundant.
  • Drink large quantities of water during the day, so that the urine is produced naturally and does not have the body to collect the stones in it.