Incontinence, what is it? What types?

Incontinence, what is it?  What types?

This problem is one of the most common problems in women, where 60% of them are infected, but many women feel embarrassed by the phenomenon of urinary incontinence. The reason for concealing this problem is that some people think that it is normal and affects many. But ashamed to mention it and some of them consider it a problem and seek a solution. You, you see from any category …. ?

Urinary incontinence is the inability to control urine. In other words, the urine is removed from the urethra, forcing many women to change many of their habits, such as abstaining from some social duties to avoid embarrassment and may have to wear some clothes to protect them from wetness.

1 – Urinary incontinence real.

They drop drops of urine during coughing, laughing, jumping, jabbing, or carrying some heavy stuff. It is caused by weakness of the muscles of the pelvis and the neck of the bladder and this is the result of the birth of ten, multiple births, obesity excess. To bring the picture closer to your mind, hold a balloon filled with water from its neck and arms. When your hand hardens on the neck of the balloon, the water will seep out. The muscles of the pelvis and its ligaments act like the retinal retraction through which the urethra is removed. When the fibers of this swing are damaged, the bladder neck is slipped through this network and the pressure of the surrounding muscles on the bladder neck becomes insufficient to resist intraocular pressure. Then the drops of urine will come out.

2 – Urinary incontinence, emergency or dysentery or nerve bladder.

This is the result of increased bladder activity with a lack of capacity, where sudden contractions occur, women feel urgent and urgent need for urination, where you can not wait to reach the water cycle wear clothes with a large amount of urine. It occurs because of recurrent or chronic infections and some malignant bladder diseases or the presence of stones and causes are still unknown.

These are two main types. Other types, such as incontinence, are caused by a neurological disease that paralyzes the muscles of the bladder, urinary incontinence, or psychological diseases. In all cases, the bladder is not emptied completely. A large amount of bladder remains after the completion of the urination.

There are also types:

Continuous urinary incontinence due to presence of urinary fistula or accidental incontinence after use of medication and urinary incontinence due to a certain condition in people who do not have access to the toilet

The presence of I and II is called mixed urine

However, away from the labyrinth of incontinence, you must go back to your doctor so that he can put his finger on the cause and help you to solve the problem and you must inform your doctor and inform him of information you may consider very confidential and very personal as these symptoms are the cornerstone to be able Your doctor will know the type of incontinence you have and then come the clinical examination of the area of ​​any urinary system to detect the presence of genital prolapse. Vaginal atrophy, urethral hernia, vaginal fistula, or some pelvic tumors. You may be asked to increase intra abdominal pressure. During pressure on the urethral area to monitor urine outflow to determine the extent of the movement of the urethra and the angle at which urine is sometimes blocked, your doctor asks you for the number of times you urinate, the amount of urine each time and the amount of fluid taken. And then ask for laboratory tests such as urine analysis, agriculture and bladder planning and sometimes require a shady image to detect the presence of poly fistula. Sometimes we do a cystoscopy to get a definitive diagnosis.

It is important to know that the disease is easy to treat after diagnosis and distinguish its kind.

The treatment of recurrent urinary infections is considered half of the treatment in the bladder, as well as special exercises in the pelvis to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis is also half of the treatment of the real smooth or incontinence of the physical and these exercises to catch the pelvic muscles as you are preventing the urine (stool), and repeat this exercise for ten And repeat (5-6) times a day or whenever you remember it at any time and anywhere and can apply this exercise also during urination. Which helps to grow the muscles responsible and tighten the neck of the bladder and during this treatment, it is preferable to record on the paper the number of urination and the number of times the possibility of adjusting the urine and the number of times that are unable to adjust the urine, the occurrence of smoothness.

If the treatment is not met by conservative methods, “medicines and exercises,” we have to go to the surgical operation and by lifting the bladder and neck and urethra towards the pelvis by sewing the tissue around the urethra and bladder neck to the ligament called Cooper and sewing the keel pole, Several days after the operation to confirm its success and the absence of complications The newly invented a new way is to use a tape made of material not rejected by the body (Poly Brolin) enter under the urethra and prove under the skin either in the skin of the pubis or thighs according to the process. It has achieved many successes in terms of healing symptoms so that the presence of the tape under the urethra works like a stopper prevents the escape of urine when high pressure inside the abdomen during coughing or sneezing or carrying heavy things, in addition to it does not need to stay in the hospital for a long time where the patient graduated the second day or Same day of surgery.

Finally, there is no other disease except medicine. Therefore, Madam, there is no need for a man to remain in torment, because he can not show pain.

Dr.. Sawsan Al – Hamli